A Kick in the Pents

Everyone likes a BOGO don’t they?

Occasionally pro readers need a frying pan over the head too. It feels like the universe has been trout slapping me to a new balance. We all need that every now and then. It’s one of the many ways Tarot is a good tool for intuition to make life a little better.

On one hand it feels like energy is in a watch, wait, “let the planted seeds grow” August no-rush mode.

But have been getting bogo hints too. I’ve heard other readers talk about this too: Getting messages for yourself piggybacked in a reading for a client. Happens all the time it seems. Normal. Natural. Part of the gig. The 3 of coins has crossed my path quite a lot lately both in client readings and the online cards posted by other readers. Ok. So it is time to be quiet but do something.

Key words QUIET and DO….in other words August is a time to shift things around, maybe write a little less and make a little more. Also what I do write….’cause you KNOW the blog is gonna happen….feels like it needs some bones and structure to it. Time for a new themed series of some kind. Watch this space. Meanwhile, I’ll be working on making stuff for Quirk & Flotsam. Scored some really nice beads. Wait until you see 😀

Meanwhile, have some family doing to do too, so will be closed for a few days Aug 18, 19, & 20.

So do, but not over-do, structured but unrushed. Welcome to mid August.