Solar (Eclipse) Energy



In writing, they say write what you know. As we all know, that takes a little more than just reading and regurgitation. That is the grain of truth, perhaps,  behind the hard drinking author stereotype. In order to write about life you have to live a little.


I don’t know what other Tarot readers were doing for the big eclipse here yesterday. Except for a few quick last minute uploads to Instagram I spent the whole afternoon pretty much off the grid. I wanted to experience the eclipse with full attention, third eye wide open, actual eyes well covered. I wanted to feel the eclipse direct and raw underneath my new favorite Planetary Society T-shirt. I know the science. Now it was time to listen for the spiritual and see which side spoke the loudest.


Turns out it was neither.

It was the cosmos’ moment.

In the days before the eclipse the science nerd in me felt like Christmas was coming. I’ve always had a love of astronomy, stayed up in the summer to 1 am to watch a lunar eclipse. Sat outside in a spring chill to see a comet. Watched Cosmos every time it was on TV like it was the latest installment of Game of Thrones. You know. Science nerd.

Also leading into eclipse there were pictures of crystal grids, special tarot layouts, and expectations of a time of profound intuition. Maybe, a little.

The sun and moon told me a different story. The eclipse was a tiny bit of shadow on one remote, garden variety planet, with one moon on a slightly wonky orbit that let this happen for the most minute, tiny pinprick of time. It was at once trivial, a mote, a near-nothingness compared to what we’ve learned the universe to be. At the same time it was achingly hauntingly beautiful in its rarity. How many planets get to see this? How many humans on this one? It was the science of it that made it spiritual by putting it into perspective. It was spirit that made the experiencing of it possible. Science defines and empowers, spirit connects and deepens.

During the eclipse, there was none of the instinctual fear I’d heard about. Had seen partial eclipses before, but not to this magnitude. Never one blip on the fear ‘o meter. Knowing how it works will do that….but even listening for it, looking for every bit of non-science, magical intuitive insight that came along….nada. If there was any emotion with this at all, it was a profound sense of relaxation, peacefulness….utter and complete balance.

The cosmos is a dynamic place. If there were any clairaudient impressions at all it was “chaos” and “balance”. Think of balancing a pencil on its point on your finger. It takes constant adjustments to keep it upright. If you could take a time-microscope and somehow focus in on the tiny point in space and the miniscule moment in time where it is balanced, no adjustments needed, no adjustments being made, that infinitesemal time and place is the smallest pause in the chaos and the energy of a solar eclipse.