Autumn Announcements

Yaaayyyyy Fall The technical equinox is still days away, but a bit of rain and clouds is making it feel fall-like, my FAVORITE time of year.

Here are the plans:

  • Something new in the blog! I’ve always pulled a random card each post to capture the energy of the day. Starting next Monday, I’ll be going in order of the deck for a change. The discilpine and orderliness of it is appealing for some reason. Intuition isn’t always chaos, sometimes it is about knowing which structure, ritual, or pattern to use. Structure, layouts, rituals, references, different oracles…even logic and science..they are all tools in the life-well-lived toolkit. Intuition is what helps us choose the right tool for the right job. I’ll also be sprinkling in some Q&A and essay posts as inspiration (or a good question) hits.
  • If you have a general question just send it to and stay tuned to the blog for your answer! (but not if it is a personal question asking for a reading. I don’t do free samples, sorry)
  • Now Scheduling Tarot Parties for the Halloween and Holiday season. Parties must schedule at least 2 days in advance.
  • Individual sessions for Fall and Winter are 10 am Tuesday through Friday, 7 pm Tuesday and Thursday. Bring a friend discount still in effect. Sessions schedule at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Don’t want to wait? You can order e-mail readings NOW….later….anytime! E-mail readings are available to order 24/7 at my etsy shop
  • “Solidarity in Diversity” (rainbow pussyhat) is available in the shop, along with one more “Tarot For Texas” reading. All proceeds from this specially listed “Seasons of the Year” reading goes to American Red Cross for Disaster Relief. Please visit the shop often as new items will be added as the season goes on. Quirk & Flotsam is your place for affordable holiday gifts with spirit (meditation beads, upcycled jewelry).

Guess that means so long summer, time to get organized! Happy Fall everyone!