The Niggles: Comparison Shopping

I’m cheap. Admittedly. Shopping is one big price vs quality value calculation. Makes my brain tired to do it, so shopping is not exactly a recreational activity ┬áin my book. Being a big fan of the keep it simple method, I swore off special prices and holiday sales at Quirk & Flotsam. It is just way easier to make prices as low as I can afford to do it and BOOMSHAKALAKA the comparison shopping is done, from my end of the transaction anyway.

A few days ago, I had a fascinating question come through the shop, that has been niggling at me. It was one of those pure-hearted, simple, innocent questions that over time begs other questions in my niggle – prone mind.

The person who sent the question recently had a reading where the psychic spontaneously brought up topic X. The reading was “supposed” to be about something else. They wanted to know if I do X-type readings because they wanted to compare my X reading to the other psychic’s X information.

My first reflex thought was OH HEEWELL NO. I’m not getting into some who-is-more-accurate psychic-off for the sake of making one sale. Because Karma. Because energy. Because life is waaaayyy too short to open up to that kind of conversation.

My second reflex was WHEW! Topic X isn’t something that comes up very often in reading, on purpose OR as side issue. I just haven’t been asked to focus on X very often for whatever reason. So it was a totally honest thing to say it isn’t my expertise, so I’m not the best match for that particular kind of reading.

Then the niggles started.

GIANT props to the question sender for their openness and honesty (I hope the general information & book recommendation I sent helps in some measure) If they had just asked for the reading without telling me about the comparison piece of it, I would have done it without a second thought. X (for a change) was a lovely, interesting personal spirituality thing (not an accurately-predict-the-future-or-I’m-going-to-get-pissy-about-it-later-no-matter-what-disclaimer-you-say thing – which HAS happened).

Had a few brainwaves at the time about comparing psychic readings . It doesn’t matter what question X actually is – the general principle is the same for any topic:

From what I’ve seen, comparing one psychic reading exactly to another just isn’t helpful for two basic reasons. First is the passage of time. Decisions may have been made, actions that may have been taken that change the energy flows giving the two readings very different, potentially contradictory information.

The other piece of it is why do you get a reading in the first place? Is it about the reading itself, or is about some core issue that you want to better understand? Comparing readers and readings doesn’t really get at that core issue. Think of readings as windows into a room. One reading tells you about the insides of the room from one angle, while another reading gives you look inside from a whole different point of view. If you spend all of your time and energy getting caught up in the differences (or similarities) between the two windows, the two views, you kinda miss the stuff in the room….which is what the readings are about in the first place.

I’m not saying you should stay blindly loyal to any one psychic or any one reading. It may be very good to get multiple readings from different people. Sometimes the first reader just isn’t a good style or personality match for you. Sometimes a couple of different points of view deepen and enhance your understanding of the core issue….BUT in both of those cases you are comparing the various readings to YOU. You compare the different readings to how you feel, your clarity, your emotions….NOT to each other. See the difference? It is one of those subtle but important differences in how the energy flows.

So once again we are back to yes, and no, it depends. Absolutely, comparison shopping readERs is a good thing. Look for prices, business practices, ethics, philosophy, style, feel etc…all those things that let you know a psychic or tarot reader is the right match for you….compare them to you.

Comparing one reading to another, that’s a different story because, no matter what the topic of the reading may be (even if it is as cool and interesting as X) …comparing one reading to another reading is a mistake because it all boils down to misconceptions about accuracy. Again, accurate compared to what? Even if you are comparing about something very internal and personal, it is still seeing who fits the outcome, who “predicts the future”, even if that future is an internal one. (see past post 100% Accurate Predictions and a Big Cube of Jello)

Going back to our room with windows. Rather than compare windows, think about what is in the room. Or better still, look for the window that is a patio door and empowers you to walk right in.