Tarot Reset Button


New Beginnings is the classic symbolism for the the Fool card. Sometimes there are elements of play and lightheartedness, but the notion of beginning seems to be the most ubiquitous among all the LWBs and other references that I’ve seen so far.

Sometimes the Fool is a harbinger of something truly new, a brand new opportunity that has never crossed your path before. In essence, this kind of beginning is a new path in and of itself.

There is another kind of new beginning. It is a re-start of a path in progress. It’s a good trick. It isn’t like there is something there that hadn’t been there before. All that is new in this case is the dis-satisfaction that makes us crave a change or a re-start.

There is a half-joking adage about computers that turning them off and restarting them will fix almost any problem. People, however, don’t have big friendly do-over buttons. Restarting, changing direction, letting go, making room; all of those things require some effort and a measure of bravery.

When we get to the point that we want or need a re-boot, a common trap is waiting for the “right” time. The problem there is the only right time is right now. I’ve done it myself. I’m not sure why, but it seems like human nature to make the “perfect” the enemy of the “good” and make “good” the enemy of “for crying out loud, just do it already”.

So would you like a new beginning? A new path? A new you? Close your eyes. Yes, really.

Ok, open them.

There you have it. There is your new beginning.

No matter what changes (or not) on the outside, new beginnings come from inside you anyway. Doing, reacting, seeing things differently all stem from your perspective and point of view.


Look – literally look – at a real glass of water… think of it as less than brimming, less than full. How do you feel?

Blink again.

Look at that same glass. See the water that is there, not think of the water that isn’t. Now how do you feel?

That is mindfulness. That is here and now.  Blink, and you have your new beginning.



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