Soledarity in Diversity hats; Women’s March In 2018

For those interested, the US Women’s March is still active. I feel most drawn to their “all Issues are intersectional” diverse but unified approach. A few months ago, the proceeds of a hat went to the ACLU, then the proceeds of some Tarot readings went to the Red Cross for disaster Relief in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico. I don’t always have the cash flow to make direct donations, so I’m very grateful to all of you for helping me to convert the time & skills at hand into a useable monetary donation for folks doing such good and much needed work.

In honor of the Women’s march coming again in January 2018 and in honor of Bill & Rights day in December, a portion of the proceeds from these 2 hats will go to FFRF for their work protecting First Amendment civil liberties. It is exactly those First Amendment church/state protections that in turn protects our Tarot work here in the U.S. in this divisive and at times theocratic political environment

Available for purchase at the hats are hand knit from rainbow colored machine washable acylic yarn to symbolize the many many issues that stand together to protect: gender equality, lqbtq equality, income fairness, climate change, environmental protection, renewable energy, education, science advocacy, secular government and church/state separation, voter access, free speech, free press and so many others.

Kune ni estas fortaj … together we are strong.