InkMagick Tarot: old and new, intimate distance

Distance Tarot is my specialty: These readings say absolutely all the same things that would be said in person… BUT no appointment needed, lower cost than live sessions

“Distance” includes email readings (text, photo of your card layout) Video (downloadable vid of reading session- voice & cards) InkMagick (pictured – physical pen-and-ink reading mailed to you) and coming in January “Virtual InkMagick” (authentic handwriting, sigil-like sketches of intuitive Images in pdf e-mail attachment)… all available through my etsy Shop Quirk & Flotsam

As a thank you gift for following Tarotbytes blog, Modern Oracle and Quirk & Flotsam social media, and just being your good self, please accept a complmentary one card meditation “Virtual InkMagick” before they are available in the etsy shop. Click the “special offers” tab at the top of the page (or in the mobile drop-down menu) to learn how to get yours.

Entertainmet only. Offer ends Jan 4, 2018.