Tarotbytes, The Niggles, and New Year’s resolutions

After reading Tarot and writing a blog for a while, it is always been fun to try something new every now and then. In 2017 I tried to push the envelope a little bit by working more visually with Tarot. A new tablet let me start putting photos of your unique individual layouts in e-mail readings, using my new favorite deck (Witches Tarot by Ellen Dugan & Mark Evans, used by permissions via http://www.llwellyn.com).

I’ve been really into my instagram account. I use @quirk_and_flotsam there because a big chunk of the TL is devoted to the meditation mala beads and other odds & ends in the etsy shop in addition to the Modern Oracle Readings.

If you don’t already, please follow me there, too. Most Tarot posts are echoed here, but not quite everything, simply because I keep forgetting that Instagram doesn’t push to WordPress the way it does to Twitter ( @modernoracle ) Facebook (RondaSnow) or Tumblr (@rondasnow … modern oracle was already taken by someone else)

It all still feels kinda outside my comfort zone, so in the spirit of being a lifelong learner / kamakaze / masochist I plan to continue that visual focus: Photos of a daily card with the intuition dialed into finding just the right quote or writing a very pithy short daily meditation to go with it. I believe Theresa Reed, James Rickleffe and others may have done similar series before but it’s my turn, my time to enage with the deck like this. Call it a push from spirit or psychic guidance or whatever you like, but that’s how it feels to me.

Another envelope pushing plan includes translating those daily aphorisms into Tarot blog in Esperanto. I mean, how many of THOSE can there be? I’m hoping that is a niche, market-stand-out kind of thing. I’m not fluent enough to hold full conversations much less do readings in the language but this is a start. If you want to see me babble like a bad bot in another language, please feel free to check out Moderna Orakolo Tarotku ( https://modernaorakolo.wordpress.com/)

Then there is the Youtube channel which is way, way, WAY outside my comfort zone, but it world be pretty idotic to ignore the feedback I’ve gotten about how video readings meet a need… video readings seem to have both the human touch, the “vox humana” of an in-person reading with all the no-appointment conveniences of email readings. Several clients have said it is one of those ‘best of both worlds’ combinations so it’s time to get over myself and get back to youtube. Video Readings are already in the Etsy shop (www.quirkandflotsam.com)

True to New Years tradition it all has me contemplating the whole idea of resolutions. That’s what has really been niggling at me today, not the annual swearing to eat better and exercise more, and certainly not little organizational subcatagories and minor challenges in social media marketing strategy…

Maybe it the result of middle age. Maybe it is a certain natural fatique and rollicking cynacism that comes from being around the block a couple of times. Maybe it’s the crumbling of the republic damage to democracy here in America. Maybe Zombie Cat is taking over my writing style on a large scale. For whatever reason I’ve come to one inescable conclusion this year.

New Year’s Resolutions are horseshit.

Why build whatever it is up in you mind until it becomes some big obligation like that? Isn’t it the big ponderous weight of all the “will” and “should” and “ought” that makes these things break? Resolution schmesolution. Don’t resolve – want. Don’t obligate – understand. Forget resolve, go for want & why. Sticking to a “resolution” is a damsight easier if it is something you want.

I could sit here and make a resolution to do all the happy little social media goals I just described while extolling the virtues of life-long learning and the benefits of challenging yourself to step outside of your comfort zone. I could do that – and every word of it would be bull puckey. I don’t really want to do that stuff. The resolutions would last about as long as it would take to hit the publish button. But I love to do Tarot work and the social media stuff might grow my Tarat practice and THAT is what I really want. THAT is why I’ll do these things.

Provided, of course, that they measure up to the one great measuring stick and the wiccan sniff test. Is it compassionate? Yes – to my well being and hopefully to my family’s if I can increase what I earn. Do it do any harm? Not that I know of, so we are good to go.

So there you have it, the result of my annual case of the new year resolution niggles. The key to successful resolutions? Don’t make them.

Instead, decide what you want, understand why you want it, if it is compassionate (yes, you count in that calculation) and it’s harmless, then do it. Do it now. Don’t wait for New Years Day. Don’t wait for a resolution. Want, understand, evaluate, do; It’s a lot more fun than any new year resolution.

Best wishes to you all for a happy, healthy abundant 2018