Special Offer Ends Friday

It’s been said that a thought is powerful, the spoken word more so, but the written word is most powerful of all.

In a “virtual inkmagick” reading, time-honored Tarot meets modern life, internet convenience meets the old school charm of pen-and-ink handwriting: This one card meditation reading LOOKS exactly like what my e-mail readings have always been… a personal note about your cards direct from me to you. It’s still the exact SAME thing I would SAY if we were meeting face to face, except now you can see my actual handwriting for an even more authentic human to human experience.

As a New Year thank you for following the blog & my social media, please accept a Free one card “virtual inkmagick” readeng by email. To get yours, email modernoracletarot@gmail.com with:

1. your name

2. your email (so I can send your reading, no information is retained afterward)

3. area of focus or open reading (I will do open unless otherwise specified)

Entertainment only. offer ends midnight EST January 5, 2018