Why Violet

In honor of the new year, I’ve brought a new reading to the Etsy shop. I’ve found a new app, “Squid,” that lets me send a .pdf of a handwritten note. Right now it’s only available as as a one-card meditation style reading. The app will let me sketch, well, doodle, well, chicken scratch/sigil/note some sense of the intuitive images I sometimes mentally “see” in a reading. Doodles aside, the reading generally comes as a friendly little note in my own crappy handwriting. My favorite review of the free trial readings was that “it was like a letter from a friend from the mailbox.” (Thank you so much for that!)

That’s exactly what I hope ALL of the distance readings, even if it is in normal e-mail font are like, a letter from a friend … or a chat between friends for the video version.

All in all, I hope to bring more multimedia variety to “Tarotbytes” and make ModernOracleTarot.com even more, ahem, modern – while keeping all the Tarot spirit and wisdom that we all love.