When the Major Arcana is a Major Deal

Q: What does it mean when a reading is mostly major arcana cards?

A: Good question! I take the relationship between major and minor arcana into consideration with any reading that has 3 or more cards. You’ll find any impressions about that in the “General Pattern” part of any of the e-mail, video, digital handwritten or pen-and-ink handwritten readings in the Etsy shop and in in-person readings with more then 1 card too.

It depends on the size of the layout, as I see it. 2 major arcana cards in a 3 card pathway reading is a very different thing from 2 majors in a 5 or 7 card layout. As the “mostly” in your question suggests, it is all about proportion.

I’m not about to do math during a reading, so these are just rule of thumb ballpark guidelines. As always in a reading, intuition and “feel” takes the front seat no matter what the hard numbers are. If you think the number of majors is significant…it is. If you think any single ONE card is particularly significant…it is. So ballpark is more than fine. If anyone gets pedantic about the numbers I use, I promise I WILL ignore you. That being said….

There are 22 majors and 56 minors. Lets keep it simple and call it a 2/5 ratio. So if you have 1 major in a 3 card spread, or 2-3 majors in a 5 or 7 card spread, or up to 4 in a full on Celtic cross, then I read that as “the usual”. When the number of majors to minors roughly mirrors the ratio of the deck, then statistic-ish-ly that tells me that things are “as expected”.

To keep any woe-is-me types from “expecting” the worst right into existence, I’ll point out that by “as expected” I mean the normal natural ups and downs of daily living. No sane person lives in eternal bliss. There are good days and bad. Good moods and bad. It pays not to read too much into any of it. Keep calm, carry on and all that.

If any spread is ALL minors that is significant too. I see that as a hint at stagnation, ennui, fatigue or low motivation. It isn’t as pronounced as you would see with hanged man major in the reading. It isn’t full on stuck or stagnation, it is usually more of a little slowed down, need a second cup of coffee kind of feeling.

And of course, if there are majors in every direction, or even if they are the high end of the “normal” numbers, that is significant, but not dire. Good or bad is for the client to judge. I read it as an abundance of energy, with potential for change. Not as strong or permenant life-altering change as one would see if  the Death card was in the mix. Think of it as spending a little quality time in the fast lane on a long drive in low traffic. There is potential for stress, but there is potential for very satisfying progress too. A high number of majors lets you know a spiritual road trip is either on the horizon or in progress. Again, as always intuition takes the front seat and will be your main clues about what kind of ride it will be.