What Can Tarot Do For You?

I. LOVE. TED Talks.

Inspired by Dao Nguyen’s TED talk “What Makes Something Go Viral”, I have some new ideas AND some questions.

Tarot isn’t just one-way street … it’s a conversation. Even if that conversation unwinds slowly through email, the dance of energies are all the same at the time the cards are done.

Let’s start our new conversation here: Send me an email and I’ll pull a random card and reply with a one-card daily meditation Tarot reading just for you.

Send your e-mail to modernoracletarot@gmail.com and describe what the perfect Tarot session would be like. Try to include things like…

Why do you get Tarot readings? How have they helped you in the past?

If you have never had a reading before, what are you hoping it will be like?

Do you like to chat first, or dive right into the cards?

Is it entertainment or serious spiritual guidance?

Do you like humor and a light touch, or dark mystery?

If you could walk into a room (or open an email, or read a letter, or watch a video) and have/read/hear the perfect session, what would that perfect session contain? What do you want Tarot to do for you?

Offer ends March 31, 2018. Please allow 5-7 business days for delivery. Contacting me indicates agreement with policies listed here.