The Oracle’s Toolkit: A Good Pen (part 2)

The Oracle’s Toolkit: A Good Pen (Part 1)

The Oracle’s Toolkit: A Good Pen – a case in point

The Oracle’s Toolkit: A Good Pen – YouTube supplimental

Remember in Part 1 where we talked about writing and journaling as a exerise in manifestation? I feel pulled to talk about that a little bit more. It is a challenge to write this, because I’m still learning some parts of it myself. So if any parts of this seem foggy, or you have any questions, by all means comment below or contact me by e-mail. But when it comes to using the written word as a tool for focusing the mind, aiming your energy, and stepping into the highest and best flow of life, all I know is that it works. Really well. At least for me.

Like everything else, this isn’t the thing for everyone. Like everything else, this is where your own feelings and judgement are supersede anything I say. It is utterly your right and your responsibility to decide what you put in your own intuitive toolkit. A good pen and all it symbolizes is firmly in mine for three basic reasons

  1. Writing for Self-Exploration: this includes self-healing and self-awareness on a psychological and emotional level through journaling (see “A Good Pen – part 1”)
  2. Writing with intent: clarifying goals, setting intent, creating vision, exploring manifestation and attraction (as we will talk a little bit about today) and …
  3. Writing for Communication (more on that later)

Back in the early 90s, I went for a few readings with one of the most kind and gifted psychic-intuitives I’ve ever met, Sallie Christensen. If you can find a copy of her book, “The Highest and Best” (co-written with Gina Mazza Hiller) I highly, highly recommend it. She told me in one session that “a thought is powerful, the spoken word even more so, but the written word is most powerful of all.” That was her preface to a journal exercise that she gave to me (for which I am ever grateful)  and her words have proven true over and over again with other writing exercises as well.

The written word is indeed a powerful thing. J.K. Rowling, author of the much beloved Harry Potter series, famously said “Words are, in my not-so-humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic. Capable of both inflicting injury, and remedying it.” 

I’m not sure what you would call the journal project Sallie suggested. One of the most useful proverbs I know comes from China. It’s the one where “You can not prevent the sparrows of sorrow from flying over your head, but you can prevent them from building a nest in your hair.” You can’t control (or predict) what life will throw at you, and reflex emotions can bubble up in response, but you have every bit of control over what you DO about it and whether or not you DWELL on it.  The journal exercise is an excellent way to do something about the dwelling if it happens. If you find yourself stuck on some issue or another this exercise is a good thing to try. It gives you something to DO that allows you to get that nest out of your hair, at least for a while.

Here, the same rules apply as writing a mantra, creative visualization, or any attraction/manifestation work. Be very sure to write in the affirmative and present tense (I am, I have, It is) and avoid the the contrary and future tense (avoid things like I will, It will, I won’t, It doesn’t). Whatever it is you want to be a part of your life, write it as if it it already. Describe it in any and every detail. Write your perfection, no matter how imaginary or fantastic or impossible it might seem to your logical mind.

You don’t have to keep a regular journal, or even write much at all. Grammar, spelling, penmanship….none of that matters. What matters is the IDEA and INTENT behind what you write. In short, whatever is bothering you, write it gone. Write in as much detail as you can muster. Job, mate, living space, mental outlook -whatever has been on your mind – describe it as if it already is the way you want it to be, like a news report from your ideal future. Then let it go. Hide the paper some place where you can leave it untouched for a couple of years. You heard me, years. Put it out of your mind. Let the writing magic do it’s thing. Instead, focus your mind on trusting the universe to provide the highest and best thing for you WHATEVER that may be, whether it matches your written list or not. Then after a seriously long time you can get it out again, look to see what has come to be, what hasn’t, and how your wants have evolved over time. It isn’t about judging it’s accuracy, it is about learning about the pace of life as it unfolds in its own way and in its own time. More likely than not, you will find things that you didn’t think of that are actually better than you first imagined. It works. I’ve done it. It is a perfect introduction into the realm of spirit, trust, manifestation, intuition, attraction and living in the flow of life’s energy.

This next step is where things get a little woo-woo. This next writing-for-intent exercise will probably throw you outside of your comfort zone. Science and reason doesn’t have the vocabulary for this so I’m going to stay with more arcane language, like spirit, energy and yes, magick…

This combines what I learned from Sallie with ideas from “Write Your Own Magic” by Richard Webster.  You write the same kind of thing for the same reason, but with a different end process that is psychologically far more powerful and holds an entirely different set of lessons to learn. Safety first, get adult supervision, be careful, stay away from the drapes and every disclaimer there is because if you try this for real you are 100% on your own and you are individually responsible for every single consequence but…

Burn it.

Write your vision as before, but this time instead of tucking the paper away, set it on fire and turn it to ash. Use all the bells, whistles and rituals you like or use nothing but a match, but 1. burn the paper and 2. do it safely and don’t set anything else on fire, alright?

This is a very potent symbolic and psychological experience. Your dream is both literally and figuratively transformed into energy. The ash left behind symbolizes earth. It ground, roots and anchors your wishes to reality and to you. The payoff is greater, the connection to life and energy is deeper. Things happen faster. BUT it is by the same measure more dangerous – and not just from potentially sparking up the carpet.

What you give comes back to you threefold…at least. Intent is magnified at least that much when you engage in a ritual that has this kind of mental and energetic impact. If you do the exercise with greed or ulterior motives in mind, that is what you get, not what you wrote. If you have any darkness or vulnerability in your intent, that could come back to you too. If you engage with the writing and burning with a whole-hearted genuine desire for what is loving, compassionate, kind, safe … the loving highest and best…then that is what you get as well.

Anyone can write a dream and stick it in your sock drawer to re-read later. That is perfectly safe for anyone anytime. It works, and it is a safe way to begin learning about the power of words and intentions.

A burning ritual is a powerful leap of trust and faith in Love and the Universe. In many ways it is crossing an emotional and spiritual Rubicon and should not be taken lightly. If you feel you are drawn to this type of practice, follow your heart and deep knowing of course. By the same token, only try it with eye-open mindfulness and light-filled intent. However, I urge you to read read Webster’s book as well as “Psychic Protection” by Ted Andrews before you experiment.

Sigil craft is another type of writing for intent that I can’t really write about yet. I’m just beginning to learn it myself. A sigil is basically a sign, or a design….like a logo….that represents a powerful idea, intent, wish or desire. Again, it seems like there are a number of different approaches to it, and it is a matter of finding what is the right fit for you. For the ritual and religious minded, sigils lend themselves well to ritual, and some are even historically associated with archaic beliefs about demons and angels. I’m not certain, but I wonder if there aren’t some very old Qubbalistic associations….but that is definitely not my path so I couldn’t begin to guess. “Practical Sigil Magic” by Frater seems to be a well researched, informative beginning if you have an interest in tradition and ritual driven “chaos magic”

“Sigil Witchery” by Laura Tempest Zakroff is far more to my taste. Her “Modern Traditional Witchcraft” and her art history approach very akin to my Modern Oracle way of doing things. Of the two, that is my top recommendation for reading and learning about sigils right now. Sigil craft has drawn (pun only partly intended) my attention more than just about anything since Tarot. That, plus my personal experience with Sallie’s lesson, is exactly why I offer “InkMagick” Tarot readings. It combines the power of both. Distance reading is my specialty… I am 100% comfortable reading at a distance because the intuition comes from outside of space and time anyway. I read as easily by e-mail, video or pen-and-ink as I do in person. If I can sit here in my home office with a cuppa coffee and my fuzzy bunny slippers, a lot of times I do even better than in-person. Plus BONUS….no appointments or travel for either of us if we work this way. Gotta love that.

But back to written words, sigils and Tarot…..

A pen-and-ink, handwritten Tarot reading truly is the best of both worlds. You get the power inherant to the written word, you get my very best bunny slipper level of Tarot reading, AND it includes sigil like intuitive images that you can use as-is or use as inspiration to make your own power symbol. The best thing about the pen-and-ink Tarot is, as one very kind client described it, “it’s like getting a letter from a friend”. Indeed….that is exactly what I hope all my readings are like, a letter, e-mail or conversation with a friend.

To re-cap, here is  your homework if you would like to read more about writing for intent and manifestation….and good, safe, intuition work:

  • “The Highest and Best” by Sallie Christensen and Gina Mazza Hiller
  • “Write Your Own Magic”  by Richard Webster
  • “Psychic Protection” by Ted Andrews
  • “Sigil Witchery” by Laura Tempest Zakroff

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