The Oracle’s Toolkit: A Good Pen (part 3)

A Good Pen (Part 1)

A Good Pen (Part 2)

A pen symbolizes a lot of things to a lot of people, but in my kit pens are about:

  1. Self-awareness and personal growth through journaling and other writing
  2. Manifestation, attraction, creative visualization, clarifying goals and  setting intentions
  3. Communication

Arguably, the third thing is the most important. Good communication is the bread and butter of any professional Tarot reader. Whatever you call that thing we do (psychic cold readings, Tarot, runes, astrology, tea leaves, palm lines, I-Ching, scrying – what have you) it is all for nothing if we can’t communicate with the people that we hope to help.

To me, reading for other people feels a bit like translating one language to another…which is a little nuts if you consider I only really speak English. The smattering of French from high school and the spare few words of Mandarin we learned in martial arts classes was enough, I suppose, to generate the analogy. While I’m just a beginner, studying Esperanto lately makes me think this actually is a pretty good example of how it feels to do a Tarot reading for  a client.

Do you know another language? Even if it is not enough to be functional or fluent, try listening to a song in that language and see how much you can understand. Now, imagine translating what you are hearing in real time to someone who does not speak that language at all. The more fluent you are in that other language, the better the translation will be. Any translation is better than none for the person who has no idea what the song is saying. Doing a reading is much the same. We take the  ideas, images, words and feelings given to us by spirit/intuition/energy  and knit them together into cogent, understandable, USE-able ideas for our clients. The more fluently we “speak” intuition, the better the translation a.k.a the reading will be.

My theory is that the most gifted psychics are the ones with the most fluid communication skills between intuition/spirit  and physical realm language.  We all have that ability to some extent. We are all highly gifted psychics for our selves. The trick is getting that instant access inside-your-head intuition out into the world through language and have it make some bit of sense. Like anything, intuitive translation skills can be learned.

You can learn to speak Spanish French, Chinese, Swahili, Esperanto or any other language. All you have to do is take lessons and practice. With more time and practice, you can become a translator and help people understand something that otherwise perplexes them.. But not everyone wants to put that kind of time and effort to become a translator. Instead they find a translator to help them when they need it.   Not everyone wants to learn to speak the language of spirit, energy, and intuition. People like me are here to help with that particular kind of translation when it is is needed.

I speak fluent intuition, spirit and energy. Let me translate and communicate intuition and spirit for you. That frees your time to use your own particular gifts to help still other people. Humans are spectacular that way. Our specialties and talents are spread out among many individuals, and yet fit together seamlessly like a giant jigsaw puzzle. That’s why we are stronger together. That’s why communication between people is a much needed thing, and it’s the third reason why a good pen will always have a place in my oracle’s toolkit.


My language and communication skills are at their best when I’m talking about Tarot, but they are at their very VERY best when I am writing either with a pen or with a keyboard. Distance Tarot is my specialty. Intuition and spirit speaks across time as space. The physical space between you and I in a reading makes no difference at all. Please visit my Etsy Shop at to see my wide selection of distance Tarot readings to fit any budget. Prices range from $4 to $35

E-mail readings include a photo of your unique card layout, with a detailed typed interpretation. 

Video is a view of your unique cards with a spoken interpretation. You receive a link by e-mail that lets you download or view your reading.

InkMagic Readings are real ink on real paper, mailed to you the old fashioned way. Each InkMagick reading carries the power of the handwritten work and include glyph – like illustrations of the intuitive images that come with your reading.

Digital InkMagick combines the best of both worlds, old fashioned and high tech. I hand write and illustrate your reading, then convert it to a digital (.pdf) file, and e-mail the file to you.

Just visit Quirk & Flotsam, select the reading you want, then check out like ordering anything online using the secure Etsy checkout technology. Accepts most major credit cards, Etsy gift certificates and Apple Pay.