Tarotbytes IG: E-mail Tarot Is Ethical Made Easy

E-mail = Ethical Made Easy

  • Know your total cost up front (no connection fees or surprise extensions)
  • Secure, encrypted payments like any online ordering (I use Etsy direct checkout)
  • Convenient (no appointment needed)
  • Private (you control when you open your e-mail)
  • Affordable (no office or storefront = low costs, which I pass along to you)
  • Excellence & detail in each reading (Distance Tarot is my specialty).

Please visit www.QuirkAndFlotsam.com (my Etsy shop) to see all the Distance Tarot options. Prices from $5 to $35. Layouts from 1 card meditation through 7 card extended Modern Oracle, including the specialty layouts “Seasons of the Year” and “Zombie Cat’s Yes/No Tarot”

  • Typed E-mail: Get a photo of your unique layout with a detailed interpretation of the cards. Includes “psychic cold reading” style end summary. The reading is e-mailed to you as a word document attachment. Opens with Google docs or anything that reads .docx files.
  • Video Tarot: (see photo) video of your cards with audio of the card interpretations / cold reading summary. You receive an e-mail with a link where you can download your custom-made video file.
  • Digital Inkmagick: I hand write and illustrate the reading. (See below) It is converted to .pdf document and sent as an e-mail attachment.

ALL readings work the EXACT SAME way, either in person or by e-mail

  • I connect with your energy by reading or listening to your question or concern…or reading/hearing that you are interested in a general or open reading.
  • The cards are shuffled and placed in the layout.
  • We talk about the cards as a general pattern whole, then go through all if them card by card.
  • We end with a “cold reading” style summary where I give you any purely intuive impressions that come through. They may relate to your cards and question – or they may not. I do very little interpretation of this part. It works like dream images…your instinct is the right thing.
  • In ALL of the reading, it is up to you to decide if the information resonates and is meaningful, or not. Your choices, your understanding is the most important part of any reading. We give you the information…it is up to you if and how you use that intuitive information.

E-mail makes an ethical, private, affordable and convenient readings easy