InkMagic RB Giveaway is still on

Let’s Go Pens!!

BOTH kinds! Just got the new pens I’d ordered for the Rocketbook AND tonight is the first game of Pens – Caps hockey playoffs. Double Squee!

Want to help me test drive the new pens? – the writing, not the hockey kind…

Follow these simple steps for a free sample “digital InkMagick” one card handwritten, hand illustrated (with an intuition inspired glyph ulce element unique to your reading that you may use to craft you own Sigil or power symbol) by email:

  1. Email
  2. Include your name and question/topic (or tell me you are ok with an open or general reading
  3. state your permission to quote any feedback you give about this new format

That’s it!

Now I’m going to write the usual disclaimer stuff. You go send you email and we’ll talk soon.

All readings are for personal enrichment, spiritual expression, and artistic entertainment only. These readings are customized ephemeral art offered as-is with no refunds or exchanges, and no monotary value. Please read feel information on the “policy” page. Contacting me indicates your acceptance of all policies terms and conditions