Sunny May Day

Merry May!

Happy Beltane if you celebrate

Today I am grateful – for everything. To say thank you to everyone for following Instagram, Twitter, FB and Tarotbytes blog I’m extending the e-mail “digital inkmagick” free #Tarot #giveaway until the end of May. A Special thank you to everyone who garne feedback about the readings. You seemed to like all the same things that I do about the format. #handwritten readings are a blend of old and new, “like a letter from a friend” and a “personal touch” “something special…in this digital age”

  1. E-mail your name and question (or ok for an open reading) to
  2. say it is ok to share your feedback, suggestions or reviews about the reading
  3. Send that feedback! I want to hear what you think, good, bad, or indifferent. Go ahead- you can say my handwriting is awerful (you wouldn’t be the first) Does the colored ink help a hunt how it looks? How do you like the new affirmation and sigil-element parts?
  4. Stay chill. Summer Schedule is ON. Please allow a few business days to get the .pdf to you.