Tarot Special Offer extended through May

“Digital InkMagick” one card readings converts a handwritten / illustrated reading into a .pdf file that comes to by e-mail. It fits right in with the whole “Modern Oracle” idea: Traditional Tarot wisdom adapted to the modern world. The handwriting gives it the old-school personal touch and gives the same identical information as an in-person a phone reading would give plus a lot more.

  • Convenient: order anytime 24/7 from http://www.QuirkAndFlotsam.com (my Etsy shop)
  • Private: you choose when and where you open the e-mail
  • Affordable: no hidden fees, you know whole cost up front. After the giveaway, this reading will be only $5, which is about $0.50 per minute.
  • Visual: Includes glyph like illustrations of intuitive images, that you may use as elements if you enjoy sigil crafting
  • Affirmation: The reading is summarized in a positive affirmation

To get your free reading:

  1. e-mail your name & question (or your ok for an open/general reading) to modernoracletonat@gmail.com
  2. give permission to use your feedback
  3. give feedback…let me know what you liked and didn’t about the new appearance and format
  4. Stay Chill… it may take a few days to get it to you. Sundays and holidays don’t count – I’m closed those days