Summer schedule reminder and update

The free “digital InkMagick” one card Tarot reading by e-mail special offer has been extended until Thursday May 31, 2018. To get yours:

  1. Email your name, question (or your ok to do an open-to-anything reading) to
  2. Please allow me to quote any feedback that you send.
  3. Send that feedback! Lemme have it! Tell me what you think of the reading and v this new format… good, bad, or indifferent.
  4. Please be patient because June already has a packed schedule and Tarot is on summer schedule.

Distance readings are always open and available to order at! Order securely 24/7, no appointment needed through my Etsy Shop. There may be some delivery delays in late June, but Quirk & Flotsam is always open to order readings, meditation beads and more.

In-person and party readingswill be closed June 22 – 26, 29, and August 15 – 20

Thanks! Happy Summer!