Reboot 2018

For the past 10 months or so, life has felt like an M.C Escher painting drawn on a mobius loop making a super slow motion twist inside out, upside down and into strange dimensions unknown. June only amplified that feeling now that high school commencement, vacation, college orientation day and another trip to the hospital for mom have all come and gone. As we sit, I honestly don’t have the slightest clue what shape life will take come September.

At my age, this isn’t my first rodeo. This stage of life transformation is entirely expected, normal, and on some levels, welcomed. I don’t know if it is really a Chinese proverb or not, but chaos really does contain opportunity. When your tinker-toy creation falls to pieces, it is prime opportunity to build something totally different and new.

Or rediscover and build on something tried, true and reliable. Or both.

On one hand, Taoist and Zen philosophy have proved themselves in my experience, so I’m content to ride the wave, go with the flow, land like ironman and do my best wherever the latest turbulence spits me out on shore.

On the other hand, this is the perfect time to look myself square in the eye and call bullshit.

This recent, seeming chaos is the perfect opportunity to let old crap go once and for all while reinforcing a solid relationship with the stuff that works, old and new.

Which begs the question, in this blog at least, where does Tarot fall in all of that? What good is Tarot and what can it do for me? And you?

That is precisely what I hope to explore here over the next couple of months until I see how things in the real-world physical realm shake down.

It’s a meme. We’ve all heard about turning electronics off and on again to reset the system and untangle problems. You can do that with non-electronic life-things too.

Welcome to reboot 2018. Please stay tuned.