re-re-re-re-re-re-do button

Awww….I give up. I forget where I read don’t announce it, just do it. So I’ll let you know what is going to happen with Tarotbytes Blog and Quirk & Flotsam etsy shop after it is in place.

If I get my way….no saying I will…the blog will proceed as planned with a re-introduction to Tarot foundations and basics.

Everything else, I hope, will be expansion….new video posts on youtube, one card daily meditation readings on other platforms, continued posts on Instagram.

SPEAKING of Instagram! The work around for profile links crashed, so had to do like everyone else and get multiple accounts THUS:

at modernoracle will be all Tarot, with posts reflecting both activity here and tarot specific activity in the shop at

at quirk_and_flotsam on instagram will be the same quirky collection of random bits and pieces it has always been…distance tarot from the etsy shop, meditation mala, upcycled jewelry from other project leftovers, e-books, knitting, random backyard flowers, birds and wildlife….you know. If you don’t know…you are totally welcome to follow both feeds. I hope you will. Will likely have to do the same thing for twitter and facebook. Will keep you posted about that as things actually happen.

Guess that is why I am a better Tarot reader than social media personality. Readings, I’m ON it. Promoting my readings….let’s just say there is a learning curve that keeps evolving.

If it seems like I’m hitting the reset button every day, I am. We all are. Each passing moment is a brand new reset button. What’s done is done, it’s more important where we go from here. Now is all there is. It is what it is, until it ain’t no more. “Just so.”

Like Rachel Maddow always says….watch this space.