The Lovers card in a career reading

Q: I’m one of those lucky women who could stay home with my kids for a while. My youngest starts school this fall, so I’ll have my days free again. I want to work and bring in as much extra money as I can, but I’m not sure whether **** or **** is the best job for me. What do the cards say? What path should I take?

A. Your cards are:

  • Background And Context: King of Cups
  • What Needs Your Attention Now: The Lovers
  • Direction You Are Headed: 10 of Cups

The good news is this has a good, optimistic feel about it overall. Even in a smaller layout like this, the one major arcana to two minor is an echo of the ratio in the deck giving that “as expected” feel to it. Sure, there will be ups and downs and maybe setbacks, but nothing earthshaking or out of the ordinary for the normal ups and downs of daily living that we all experience.

The suit of Cups being so present, I would guess that you, like most women in your position (I’ve been there myself) still have your family needs as top priority. Look at your question. See how the way you talk about “earning money” points toward family or household benefit, not a personal career path? Deciding WHAT to do might be easier when you are clear on WHY you are doing it. Does one job or the other work better in its place as #2 (or less) on your priority list? Is this a choice about your life calling, a paycheck for the family, or a little bit of both?

Background / Context: King of Cups

Sounds like it has been a while for the job thing. There is always a learning curve if career is in a different place for you now than it was before family and children came along. Not only is that OK, it is how it should be, really. Things change as time passes and stages of life cycle along. There is no harm in getting guidance. It is ok to get a little help tuning up your resume and interview skills. You are very much not alone. People change jobs like they change socks, so I’ve heard. Shifting gears one way or another through a career, whether you take time of for children or not is a very common thing.

What needs your attention now: The Lovers

Are you wondering what in the world The Lovers card is doing smack in the middle of a career question? It fits your career question perfectly, actually. It isn’t about love, romance, marriage or any of that anyway. If you have concerns about relationships we can look at that in a separate reading because the energy here is all career. I wouldn’t be one bit surprised if you tell me that relationships are good and not on your radar at all right now. The Lovers card, at the root of it (and in spite of the artwork) is about desire, it is about what you want in your life, things your are passionate about, no matter if the thing is question is related to a relationship, a career, or anything else. The Lovers card is about what you love in life, not about necessarily about loving another specific person. Which of these jobs would you enjoy for some reason over and above the paycheck? If the answer to that is about personal satisfaction, career goals, life calling…that’s fantastic. But given your energy put toward family and greater good, are there any fringe benefits that way? Does one fit your family needs better than the other? Do you need to keep looking rather than settle for either of these? (Just a logical bit of mom advice…as I’m sure you already know, your number of school special events, sports and teacher’s conferences etc just increased by one. Some schedule flexibility might still come in pretty darn handy). Think about what you want in your life in addition to just the benefits of added income.

Direction You’re Headed: Ten of Cups

Nothing but good news here. This is the happy family card to be blunt about it. It kind of feels like a win-win. No matter what you choose, it will be ok in the end. Neither option is life or death….you can always quit, or look for something else, go back to school….whatever you decide. By keeping your family top of mind, that is where the energy is going right now. There is time to tweek for satisfaction / career as things go along and you see what your needs really are. ADAPT comes to mind here. So to stay on this good path, roll with what comes up and things will get to where they need to be in the long run.


Here is where I listen to pure intuition, to see if there are any other ideas that come through, related to the cards and question, or not.

I see polished green malachite. That is a good, earthy, nurturing heart chakra stone that is nice for career energy because it also represents growth and healing. My hunch is that it may ease any money related fears or anxieties about all of this. Growing where money is concerned isn’t a bad thing, and in our culture, green is very much associated with money, so wearing or carrying a piece of malachite might not be a bad thing for a few days. I hear “temporary” so this period of transition feels like it might settle into routine fairly quickly.

Something about a cup of tea

Now the taste of maple or caramel. Not sure what this is about, or the tea, so will leave that with you to figure if it applies to anything or not.

And there the energy steps back.

Affirmation Summary: I can do what is right for my family and discover my career passions at the same time. I can adapt to any situation and steer my path back in the right direction.

Since we have done readings together before, I’d be interested to know what you think of the new position meanings, and the new “affirmation summary”. I just updated the etsy shop to show the new format if you know anyone who is interested….I always appreciate referrals.