Time Keeps Turning


Today’s Card: The Wheel.

Affirmation: I can adapt when things change.

Happy new month of August!

I’ve never said THAT before. August has never been my favorite time of year with the heat, the humidity. The best thing about it has always been the anticipation for September, a new school year, fall, cooler weather, hints of coming holidays, and the return of spiced everything.

Change and the march of time has been very much on my mind. My daughter is going to start university this month (Go Lakers! Carpe Diem!) which means I’m going to have to go be a grown-assed work type adult again. Even though it’s been building toward this for years, it is still intimidating to think of myself as “self-employed” full on and for real instead of thinking of this as a “part time side hustle to buy christmas gifts”.

Time turns on. Motherhood is an interesting adventure. First it is a gear-stripping slap you in the face shift from spending 40 hours a week with a career to devoting 200% of your time to the care and maintenance of other humans. I’ll always be mom, but now it’s another gear stripping slap you in the face shift back to careerhood.

To that end, I’m bringing back the Natural Health. Meditation lessons and Distance Reiki sessions are back on rondasnow.com. That site isn’t totally ready for relaunch, so please follow the “Blog Blog”  or @quirk_and_flotsam on Instagram or just stay tuned for all the latest announcements about that piece of the puzzle.

Happy August 1, and welcome to the new, sleek, modern, mobile friendly modernoracletarot.com.

Happy New Month, Happy New Day, Happy New Life….please buy a reading, I got a kid going to college.