Tarotbytes: Ace of Coins for 8 August 2018

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Ace of Coins

Everybody loves the Ace of Coins. It is a reassurance you are on the right track with your career, your finances, your housekeeping, mowing the lawn….something, anything to do with the physical realm nuts and bolts of life.

I know….we all can use some good news in that department, be it tangible things (please buy a reading…my kid is leaving for college next week!!) or intangibles like a good career decision (or at least I’m choosing to take it that I’m going the right direction with this Tarot / Etsy shop / Distance Reiki idea)

But at the root of it too, I “hear” (meaning intuition comes as words instead of images) “gather with gratitude”. Being aware of what we already have in hand and deliberately sending out thoughts and feelings of gratitude….not because that “attitude of gratitude” will GET you what you WANT….but because whew hallelujah! you HAVE what you GOT.

There is an old superstition that if you give a purse, wallet or bag as a gift, you should never give it empty, but rather put a coin in it to symbolize abundance, and never being in need. In that same vein, prosperity magick suggests keeping a dollar coin or a high value bill in your wallet or purse….on that you don’t spend except in mergency. This is thought to foster a mindset of abundance and prosperity. Since intent is everything in energy work like this, I’d say that bit of advice makes the Ace of Coins very good Tarot for Today.

Affirmation: I am rich because I have life, love, and money luck to bring what I need.