Q & A: How does he feel about me?

Q: I just met a great guy named ****. How does he feel about me?

A: Short answer: I dunno.

The real answer is a lot longer and way more complicated, but let’s go there anyway. Let’s look at the big big energies behind the little question “how does he feel about me?”

As I understand it, intuition comes from the great big universal cosmos of everything. Sometimes it helps to call that intangible oneness “spirit” for short. When we do a reading and I “connect to your energy,” I’m not connecting to your individual inner energy, it is more like I’m connecting to the universal energy to find the message spirit has especially for you. Connection with your energy is actually more like logging on to your spirit e-mail.

Have you ever seen that science experiment where they put iron filings onto a piece of paper then pass a magnet under it so that the filings line up and show the magnetic field? A reading is a little like that. The magnetic field energy is invisible to our normal senses. Doing a reading is like sprinkling the iron filings on the paper. It gives us an idea of the energy around the magnet but the filings can’t show what is deep inside the magnet or predict where you might move the magnet next. The reading shows energy patterns, but not what you (or ****) is feeling deep inside and it can’t predict exactly what you (or ****) will do next.

Even if I could read ****’s feelings I wouldn’t do it. It’s not just impossible, it is unethical. This is the part of the “how does he feel about me” explanation that is kind of hard to hear. I know you mean well, and that you are asking this question from a good place, but this part explains why I won’t read people unless they know about it and clearly agree to it.

Look at your question from ***’s point of view.

How would  you feel if someone you had just met asked a complete stranger from the internet to look at your inner feelings? What if you didn’t want to share those feelings but they looked anyway, behind your back and without your permission?

Who would you rather have in your life? Someone who tried to learn your feelings from a psychic….or someone who spent time with you,  talked with you and got to know you directly and in person?

Which kind of person would you rather be? Would you rather be the person that asks a psychic about **** or the kind of person that talks with **** himself?

Even if he never found out about the reading, it still happened. YOU would know it happened. Your knowing would bring the energy of the behind-their-back reading into the relationship just as much as if he found out about it. He might be totally cool with it, which is great, but what if he was wasn’t ok with being read?

So why bother getting a reading about relationships at all, right? Couple of reasons.

It is emotionally risky to get to know someone the directly like that. You put your heart on the line, and they might reject you. Tarot can help you deal with your feelings about whatever happens. Readings can help you understand how to bring your best self to the relationship if things go well….and Tarot can help you heal from the hurt if things don’t go as you hope.

Also, readings can shine a light into the dark corners we are missing. A reading might help you bring a better you when you start getting to know ****. A reading can help you know your own feelings as well as his.