For whom the bell vibes


Reading Tarot professionally isn’t for everyone. In my not at all humble, very opinionated opinion no one should be a professional tarot reader unless they are willing to do what it takes to be, well, professional.

I’m more than willing to walk that talk. I’ve worked in mainstream medicine and I’ve worked with Reiki (natural holistic health energy) and I bring every ounce of the same ethics and expectations to this work as I did to that.

Both types of healing have the expectation that you know your limits. Know when your judgement is compromised and not safe for work. Know your skill level and, more importantly, when you are outside of it. A new graduate dermatologist isn’t going to suddenly start doing brain surgery. If someone comes to a spa and starts having a heart attack, holistic healers are going to call 911 just like everybody else.

The same thing applies to Tarot. Sure, it is “just” an art form, and on one level should by rights be approached as such, thought of the same as any painting, sculpture, music, dance or literature.  Art inspires, moves, soothes, infuriates, and makes us laugh. Art touches the full range of human emotion. Tarot readers should be as unafraid as any artist to touch the heights and depths of human experience.

On another level, Tarot should be approached as ministry and counseling. Tarot most touches the spiritual & emotional parts of that human experience. Our clients deserve the our care, respect, and professionalism just as much as any healer, counselor or minister would provide. Tarot is art with a heart. For each person that takes the lighthearted entertainment view of Tarot there is a person who is hurting and turns to Tarot for comfort and guidance in times of emotional crisis.

Today the six of wands is touching that boundary-knowing part of professionalism. Here’s how….

You have to know what is ringing your bell.

This is something that has come up in many readings this summer. We are in some funky mojo energy times right now. Astrologers might understand that in terms of multiple retrograde planets and eclipses. A Jungian might think it something from the collective unconscious or maybe just a good old fashioned zeitgeist. Many people have looked to readings to help them figure out why they have been feeling directionless, frustrated, stuck…and a whole litany of similar emotions.

Most of the time those emotions were real, honest to goodness major stuff they were dealing with….life in progress, even if they felt differently. A couple of people felt as if they were experiencing harmonic resonance (if I’m remembering the physics of this correctly). I don’t know music and physics well enough to explain this, but it is like holding an active pitchfork close to a bell or guitar string tuned to the same note and making the bell or string vibrate too. The same thing can happen with intuitive energy as with the physical wave energy of sound….or Tesla’s earthquake machine. When there are strong environmental or group-thought energies, sensitive people can vibrate from those resonant impulses as much as from their own inner emotional impulses.

To be a good Tarot reader, you have to know when your bell is ringing, and when your bell is being rung by resonance ….in other words when it is your issue, and when it is a message from the energy environment for your client.

The six of wands is back, reversed, and this time it’s ringing my bell, and not from the outside. The same exact card came up Monday. That was for the blog audience, it resonated with the energy environment. Today it was my frying pan in the face. It wasn’t resonating with anything. It was all me. Sorry folks, but this a bell being rung by its own clapper and not funky energy from the outside. This was validation that it was the right decision to close this weekend. Monday the card said to allow peace. Nope. Not doing it. I taking a different lesson. Sometimes peace is turned on its head. Sometimes there are other messages from inside, even if the message from the outside is all peace, love and ice cream.

We’re taking my one and only daughter to college tomorrow. Let the verklempt mamma thing begin. I’m taking my own advice, and honoring the adjustment, the lesson, the feels. I’m in no fit state to do Tarot readings for anyone…so all readings will be closed August 17, maybe the 18 too. I may need a beer. Or a cheesecake. Definitely a couple of days off.

Stay tuned though. Good stuff on the other side. See you then.