A Charming Tarot Special Offer

One of my favorite things this past summer was teaching my daughter tarot and introducing her to some of my edgier movie favorites now that she’s older. The Crow was top of the list. Since we are all fans of “Supernatural” I had a hunch she might like “Charmed” too. She does. We watched several episodes together. I’ll spare you the whole plot, but one sister was posing as a “lounge psychic.” In true prime time TV drama fashion, she pulls a man who scoffed at her “readings” from in front of a speeding car and walked away with a flourish “That will be $20. Without the tip.” In that moment I decided that I want to celebrate her new life at university and my turning this whole Tarot / Etsy shop into a thing – or at least give it the old college try.

That’ll be $20… instead of the usual $25.

The celebration will be one of my patented random impulse specials. The email version of the five card Tarot reading will be at the reduced price of $20 until the autumnal equinox, let’s call it September 21, 2018. Just order like normal: go to www.quirkandflotsam.com and select the five card Tarot layout in the email format to automatically get the special price.

Please join me in giving some happy good energy to this new school year and let’s read some Tarot together.

Happy pumpkin spice season!