Grabbing life by the latte

I was not kidding when I said I was making the absolute most out of this fall possible, even if it was a sweltering humid stinking 90 degrees outside with the same forecast for tomorrow. It’s fall when I say it’s fall

And it is a special price when I say it’s a special price.

All five card distance Tarot readings in the e-mail format are discounted to $20 until the real autumnal equinox gets here. I’m calling that September 21, 2018. Close enough.

Order yours at

If $20 is out of your budget, One card email readings are only $5

Or help me raise a latte in your honor with Ko-fi tips and donations if you are so inclined. If you are, I am grateful.

The “coffee” actually goes toward the costs of hosting the free blog and the massive archives. Try the search bar over there on the right side of the page –> lots of card interpretations, how-to essays, spiritual guidance insights and Q&A posts for your enjoyment.

As always, you have my thanks. Happy Humid September Start

…and safe and Happy Labor Day celebrations to USA readers