Shape of the Sandbox

Speaking of pop culture references, I really enjoyed BBC’s “Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrel”. Haven’t read the book yet, but have every intention of doing so. The part that most comes to mind here is the “Theoretical Magicians” vs Mr. Norrel the “Practical Magician.” If you want to toss a nod to the movie “Practical Magic” I wouldn’t mind: enjoyed that one too.

Here is the connection: Last time, “Tarot Sandbox and Getting to Know You….Without a Net” talked about the theoretical underpinnings for the way I want to get to know this new (to me….this is the third edition) Tarot deck. Today, I just wanted to give you a heads up of the practical format. This is just a little practical to balance the theoretical, a little how for that big, long why.

Since Mr. Pham very generously given permission to use images of the cards in the blog … posts will start with that. I’m hoping his gorgeous artwork will inspire you to visit his website at to see his newest project “The Runes of Mannez, ” a card deck based on Nordic Runes. And did I mention his artwork is just absolutely stunning?

If you have ever had a reading with me, you know that I see each card, whatever its place in the layout, tends to give one of a few ‘flavors’ or types of message: advice (something to maybe do), caution (something to maybe avoid) and validation (thank you, congratulations, ‘we hear you’) are the most common. I’ve read this way for ages, and it just works. I would like to channel a short, pithy interpretation for the card from each of those three points of view. Another way to say it: I’ll ask the card what advice it wants to give, what cautions it may have, and what it tends to validate.

That’s the old and now, but like the last post said, I want to connect that to something to, to move readings forward a little bit. I’ll end the new card posts the same way I will be ending and summarizing distance readings: with an affirmation inspired by the card (in this case) or that summarizes the reading as a whole. Affirmations, as cheesy and pop-psychology, Hallmark poster, unicorn poop as it may sound, can be, when they are constructed well, a very useful tool. That is especially true for beginning meditators and reading seekers. Keep an eye on for more detail about that. Now that the Fall reboot is here, new mala and a re-write of “Bead Mindful, Begin Meditating” and a return of distance Reiki session are on the runway for liftoff this fall too.

Old, now, and the way forward.

Next time, we begin. With the Fool card, of course.