Cat Woman Had A Baby

I have to admit, I had to cheat a little for this one. I wasn’t exactly sure what reference the artist had in mind for the card. At first I thought it might be Sansa Stark, but that’s just me. Not that Game of Thrones isn’t a big thing at our house of anything. I admit it! I took a sneak peek at the e-book just to see who the character is. 

It is Anne Hathaway as Fantine in Les Miserables. Which explains why I didn’t recognize it. I really liked the live version of Les Miserable that we saw quite a while ago, and never bothered to watch the movie. Although now, every time anyone mentions Les Miserable my first and only thought is the movie review from facebook or somewhere, where a guy describes the plot of in terms of the actors other roles.  Something along the line of “Catwoman had a baby at Borat’s house and Wolverine sang his ass off”. Not instantly something I’d associate with the High Priestess, but that in itself is the nature of the High Priestess…the hidden sacred. Or in this case, the hidden sacred in the everyday, even when you put in numerous terms.

So what DOES the character Fantine tell us about the High Priestess and what does the High Priestess symbolize in general? Carl Jung’s anima (the feminine side of the collective unconscious) and the phrase “everywoman” comes to mind. The High Priestess is, after all, associated with the HIDDEN sacred truths….cosmic mysteries would BE mysteries if they were obvious. This feels a little more like the sacredness of everyone, everything, and everywhere. On the surface, within the culture of the time, Fantine was nothing lofty or cosmic. She was looked down upon by everyone but still touched the devine through love, motherhood, self-sacrifice and more.. She was the ‘everywoman’ sort of character, but she is still part of the cosmos.  The cosmos is part of each of us because we are in and of the cosmos. That is the Priestess’ sacred secret. 

Catwoman had a baby. That is miracle and mudane together.

Keywords: sacred, mystery, feminine, seeing what is hidden, seeing the sacred beneath the surface of the mundane

Advice: Look deeper. Look for the sacred. Look for the hidden and mysterious

Caution: Don’t treat your life like a pauper. You are sacred and your life deserves that respect no matter the circumstances

Validation: You have overcome the obvious and heard the truth behind the noise.

Affirmation: I see the sacred in all things, and through love can see the truth behind my circumstances.


Deck: Heart of Stars Tarot by Thom Pham, all rights reserved. Used with permission.