I owe one to Pip.

She was doing one card readings….and this is EXACTLY why good Tarot readers, good healers, good teachers of all types are perpetual students too. I learned something.

Reading for yourself is great. You should do it anytime you feel guided to do so. BUT two heads are better than one, and two eyes are what gives us depth perception. She got the impression of wanting to burn the house down, metaphorically speaking. About wanting to hit the reset button and re-invent the whole enchilada.

She’s 100% right. No matter how psychic or intuitive we might be, occasionally something flies under our radar and we need a friend to have our back. Or need to get a pro reading instead of being 100% DIY. You get the idea.

At first I thought it was just normal growing pains, your average, ordinary empty nest syndrome. It’s not. This isn’t just getting back to where I left off when I decided to take on the mantle of work-at-home-mom. This is cutting loose the identity of “mom” to a non-adult and re-inventing myself and my Tarot work. This isn’t picking up a thread I’d put down….this is cutting the cord and lighting the fires of something totally new.

I am deeply, profoundly grateful to all of you who read the blog. I hope you will stick with me…I’m not GOing anywhere….but the “Modern Oracle” name just isn’t where I want to take this anymore. That was a nice, safe “mom” and family identity, but that’s not me anymore. My daughter is an adult and I’m not who I was before she came along. Authenticity matters.

Over the next few months instead of renewing and restocking, I plan to re-name and re-brand instead. I hope you like the new look.

Stay tuned for more details as I learn how to do this. I have some serious learning to do in order to do this right.

One thing I don’t want to change is my owl logo. I love those little guys….their names are quirk and flotsam, even if the shop name isn’t. look for those two, and you’ll know it’s me.

Please, please do stay in touch, keep an eye out here. All the same tarot foundation posts, “oracle’s toolkit” posts, Q&A posts,  learn-a-deck-without-the-lwb posts….all of it will go on as planned. It just might happen under a new name, new look.

Be back soon with more details

*rubs hands with excitement, and gets to work*