This Old Sign

Last season for this old sign. Just ordered the replacement this morning. My goal is to have the name changed on everything by Halloween. As sentimental as I was feeling about every single thing as my daughter started college, I feel surprisingly ruthless about getting rid of “Modern Oracle.” It was a nice idea in its time, but it doesn’t work for me anymore, so out it goes. From what I’ve seen of the astrology folks online, I’m reading the energy right….this really is an ideal time to “burn down the house” and re-invent things. I’ve had the idea rolling around in my head for a long time, but was afraid it would loose market share, name recognition, audience numbers….blah blah blah. But then, if I cared about the mainstream, I wouldn’t be doing Tarot work in the first place. I care even less now. I care about letting authenticity and passion shine. I care about helping YOU to reach that same place of shiny authentic comfort with the way things are, here and now. Just so. Understanding and acting here and now IS knowing the future because here and now is where we are MAKE the future.

The crazy thing is “Modern Oracle” isn’t the house being burned down. The thing on fire is the solicitous thinking that led me to pick that name. It was nice, non-threatening, and intended to distance myself from local blue laws against “fortune telling” in the sense of predicting the future for money. I still think predicting the future without owning and understanding our part in causing it is naive, immature, not to mention impossible. Now that I can be less worried about protecting a young family from other people’s biases and bigotries, it is time to be about what Tarot CAN do, instead of hiding behind what it CAN’T. Want to understand? Learn? Grow? Own your own choices? Choose your own path? Cool…I can help.

Want to know if they guy who just dumped you is going to get back together and nothing else? Dunno. Can’t help. Lot’s of people do that sort of thing. I’m different. Come back when you are ready for owning your own shit, growth and empowerment.

If you want next-level, big concept, spirit guides and choices…I’m here for you. If this isn’t what you want….no hard feelings. I’ll still be here if you change your mind. Pleasing others at all costs is no way to run a business….or a life. Sorry evangelical relatives, but I’m done with that. I’m going to my happy place (a philosophical combination of Taoism, solitary witchcraft, Reiki, meditation, and non-theistic spirituality*) They say that when the teacher is ready, the students will come. Or, if you build the field, the baseball game will come. Or something like that. But working on that theory, I’m building a Tarot image and practice that I love. It is almost ready. All I can do is trust that the clients will come. Because I know I can help the ones who are ready if they do.

This old sign is going away to be replaced by a shiny new one that says welcome to TaoCraft Tarot. The grand opening free Tarot online shindig is Halloween Day. Stay tuned for details.


*Yeah, I said witch. Yeah, I said non-theistic as in atheist. Feeling a little empathy and  nothing but lots of love for my friends in the LGBTQA community. Happy #ComingOutDay.