The insanity of genius, or vice versa


I’m honestly not sure if this is genius or insanity. I’ll let you decide

Re-branding FEELS right. So if I were a client, I’d give myself the advice to trust those feelings, follow the deep intuition.  There are so many times I wish I could draw more realistically, to show everyone the intuitive images in my mind’s eye. When I first started the TaoCraft re-branding, the strongest one was my poor spirit guide collapsed in exhaustion from the effort of getting the idea of “ffs DO it already” through my thick skull. Poor guy. Hope he recovers soon.


I also tell everyone that comes with money / career questions that there is always an element of logic. Re-branding is a thing. It’s a business thing that does take a degree of plotting and planning and doing and link-checking and a crap load of account updating. That’s where I am at the moment, up to my elbows in the logical do-ing of the thing. Have been for several days, actually. Or at least I am in-between the waves of fear and anxiety that I’m really throwing away everything I’ve done over the past 10 + years, instead of taking it to the next level as intended.


So why am I pondering all of this? Why don’t I pull a card and do a brilliant reading for myself just as if I really were a client?



There you go. Six of Swords…go with   the flow. Yield. Good thing I didn’t look at that three weeks ago or whenever it was. I wouldn’t have done any of this and would have stayed with Modern Oracle. Looking back from where we sit now, that would have been a bad idea. NOW though, it is validation to stay the course…now that that a certain spirit guide and a certain other Tarot reader (who am I kidding…it was Pip over at This Hobbit’s life. She pulled a card for me on an impulse on both of our parts. It was a delayed reaction by almost a week, but something she said was the dynamite chucked into the gas tank that lit the light bulb over my dim head)

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the WHY of Tarot. It can answer questions you didn’t even know you had yet. It can light a fire where there was none before. It can soothe the fire of searing emotions. It can show you depth, it can shift your paradigms and change your world. Tarot … either by your own hand or through the eyes of a fellow reader… shows dimensions that one eye alone could never see.

The Transformation continues. Watch this space.

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