A Door Closes….


This isn’t the final Modern Oracle Post I’d envisioned. I hadn’t envisioned one at all until a couple of weeks ago. I’d been tinkering with the idea of changing the name and image for a while. It no longer reflects the genuine heart of my Tarot work, and does no at all reflect where I want the practice to go. Logic intervened, of course. I worried about losing business, losing audience and worst of all…losing you. I appreciate you following the blog and reading here like you would not believe. But as is usual with such things, a perfect storm of hints and synchronicities said it was time to act. It was time to trust my intuition as much for myself as I do for my clients. My original plan for this post was something joyous, a gleeful release of the old like some sort of weather balloon followed by a big old housewarming for the new place. After the events of this weekend here in Pittsburgh, that doesn’t seem right. It just isn’t the energy of the day. It being today, October 30, 2018 is part of the synchronicity of it all. It is late, the witching hour is near, so I’ll be brief.

It is a somber day here. Hate has come to our hometown. Just 3 days ago, 11 people were shot and killed, a half dozen more injured at the Tree of Life Synagogue in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood. Just a few blocks away from our favorite noodle shop. Just a few blocks away from where we were a few spare weeks ago. My husband used to live in Squirrel Hill, and a friend of his who still lives there passed away from medical causes just a few hours before the shooting. It’s been quite a weekend.

Put it all together, and there is no more appropriate card in the deck. As the first funerals take place, Death, it seems is the card of the day in many ways.

The whole city is moved with empathy and compassion for those who grieve. The energy is palpable, even if you aren’t intuitively sensitive. Those who aren’t sitting shiva are lighting candles, attending demonstrations, praying, giving flowers,  sending Reiki, casting protective spells, holding good thoughts or just keeping a respectful quiet. There is a sort of energy quiet here now, like the soft silence during snowfall, as everyone who matters pays their respects on some level, in some way or another. It is a day and a time for appreciating those we love who are in our lives. We recognize the preciousness because it is so fragile, so uncertain, in so many ways.

There are, however, energies that are more durable than any physical thing. Love endures. Souls endure. Spirit endures. Forms may change, but energy isn’t lost. Love reaches across dimensions, ages and heartbreaks. It is such persistence of Love and energy that gives the Death card it’s true essence. It is a harbinger of change above all, with little of the dire finality that horror movies love to give it. Even science agrees that energy is always conserved and only changed. Change is a part of life. As Taoism teaches us, change IS life.

Words are owed to an event as large as has touched Pittsburgh. I also wanted to give words of thanks to all of you who have read this blog under the name “Modern Oracle” and “Tarotbytes” And I really, really, REALLY hope every single one of you will follow the new “TaoCraft Tarot” blog HERE too

Which begs the question why make a new site at all? Why not just stick with re-naming this one? Why risk loosing readers?

I still believe that cyberspace has spirit and energy just like a real room in meatspace. I wanted to create a new place for us. A fresh start that reflects the real me, the authentic heart of my Tarot, Reiki and Meditation work. Modern Oracle was good, necessary, squeeky clean and tried way to hard to be socially acceptable and bring Tarot to the mainstream. It had to be that way in the beginning to protect my young family from the toxic negative energy our culture can heap on anything different or outside of conservative, christian culture. Pittsburgh is diverse and wonderful and inclusive, but Distance Tarot reaches to all parts of the nation.

Now my daughter is grown, safe and away. My calling is to authenticity and sincerity toward those who are drawn to this energy.My field of fucks has grown barren. It isn’t my path to try to make Tarot socially acceptable anymore. I’m still non-religious. I still am an LGBTQA ally. I still predictions are not only impossible, but a bad idea. But now I embrace more: I am an atheist, a Taoist, a witch and a Freethinker all rolled into one.

As the door closes on Modern Oracle, I invite you to come visit TaoCraft Tarot. Imagine a cozy stone cabin at the edge of the woods. There is a crackling fireplace on one end of the long front room. Nearby is a table for Tarot readings. There are bookshelves of the books I will write and displays of meditation beads that all but vibrate with good intentions for their new users. Opposite the fireplace, a water fountain and a table for Reiki sessions surrounded by crystals of every kind and color.

TaoCraft Tarot is open for business. Won’t you come see?