Meet Your Tarot Reader

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My name is Ronda. I read Tarot, write stuff, and make things.

I started reading Tarot and Oracle cards in the early 1992 for lots of different reasons. Like most readers, I started out doing Tarot for myself and a few close friends. My best friend suggested that I read online. I’ll always be grateful for that idea! For several years I read under the nickname “Baihu” for All Experts, Advice Trader and Keen. After a while, it was time to start working for myself, so in 2003 I began in-person readings for individuals and parties in the South Hills of Pittsburgh, PA. While I’m pretty good at all of it, distance Tarot is my specialty. Because I’m a writer/blogger, and have all of that online experience, I can give a reading over the internet just as well as in-person, maybe a little better. But don’t take my word for it….listen to these kind people:  CLIENT REVIEWS

Back in the day, I used to be a physician assistant in psychiatry and cardiology. After 13 years in mainstream medicine, I combined that experience with my interest in holistic health, ultimately getting a non-accredited Ph.D. in Natural Health for my research dissertation “Reiki and Relaxation: A Practical Look at Reiki and Stress Reduction in a Non-clinical setting”.  Instead of keeping them separate, as I did during the “Modern Oracle” years of this website, in 2018 I introduced distance Reiki and meditation tutorials to bring everything I can do under one cyber-roof. Distance Tarot touches the same universal energies as Reiki, meditation can help us improve intuition, and all three have benefits for the mind, spirit, stress reduction and relaxation. TaoCraft Tarot was created to reflect a combination of Tarot, Taoism, solitary witchcraft, Reiki, and meditation thatT has brought enormous comfort and better quality to my life. Making things like mala beads and knitting are extremely meditative for me so you see those things  around the TaoCraft Tarot shop too.

This is the part where most “about the author” pages tell you make some cute remark about our bio, soooo……

“Ronda lives in Western Pennsylvania with her musician/photographer husband, a big old yarn stash and an abiding dislike for yard work.”

It’s nice to meet you. I hope we can work together soon.