About the Author (Baihu’s Bio)

I’m a geek, and have been kicking around the interwebs since the days of C:\ prompts and message boards. Naturally, I wanted a cool e-mail and nickname . Inspired by Kung Fu classes, Chinese astrology and a book on my desk, “Baihu” was born. I used “Baihu” for a long time writing poetry and doing Tarot readings online.  I don’t use a nickname these days, but I’m grateful for the time of the white tiger and path that brought me here. Thanks for reading – R.

Ronda Snow writes books, reads Tarot cards, tutors meditation, gives Reiki, and makes stuff.

Ronda holds Bachelor of Science in Medical Science and worked as a nationally certified physician assistant in psychiatry and cardiac cath lab before leaving mainstream medicine to pursue a career as a writer, Tarot reader, homemaker, and meditation tutor.  She is a Reiki Master-practitioner, retired Tai Chi instructor, and U.L.C. preceptor.

In order to demonstrate and expand her existing holistic health knowledge, Ronda took classes including aromatherapy, Ayervedic Medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, the history of Naturopathy, Homeopathy basics and many others. She was awarded a nonaccredited Ph.D in Natural Health from CCNH for her dissertation study “Reiki and Relaxation:  A Practical Look at Reiki and Stress Reduction in a Non-Medical Setting”.

She offers Meditation lessons & Reiki sessions on www.RondaSnow.com. Her writing and book updates are there too. She offers hand made mediation beads (mala) and how-to e-books in her new Etsy shop Quirk & Flotsam

Her e-books “#PeaceTarot” and “Triquetra: The Dance of Worlds” are available on amazon.com for Kindle, and coming to other formats soon (print, nook, ibook, epub, pdf, etc) Her bead meditation guide “Bead Mindful, Begin Meditating” is available through www.quirkandflotsam.etsy.com. Ronda has contributed writing to Point of Light Magazine, Kindred Magazine and FYP e-zine. Her poems have appeared in multiple anthologies, and she was voted “Poet of the Year” 2004 by Writer’s Castle.

Ronda is a fan of Taoist philosophy and Chinese style martial arts. She and her husband have studied with with Master Nick Gracenin (www.dctaichi.com). Her husband, the REAL Jon Snow, is 2004 Wushu Union Neijiaquan champion and a musician in Pittsburgh, PA.

Mrs Snow lives in Pittsburgh with her musician husband, her artist daughter, and a cozy corner of chaos and creativity (aka her worktable for Quirk & Flotsam)