BOOKS by Ronda



Click HERE to get free .pdf download of “Modern Oracle: Hello”a behind the scenes introduction to the Modern Oracle style of Tarot readings

PeaceTarotCoverMini2 Modern Oracle: PeaceTarot is  a Tarot how-to and daily meditation guide to help find a peaceful moment when modern life isn’t. Click to order for KINDLE   or PDF

TriquetraCoverSmTriquetra The Dance of Worlds is a collection of poetry in three parts, “The Outer World” about Nature, “The Inner World” about spirituality and personal growth, and “The Dance of Worlds” about relationships of all types – that place where two worlds meet and begin to dance. Click to order for KINDLE


Bead Mindful, Begin Meditating teaches an easy to learn, easier to use meditation technique using strings of beads. Not associated with any particular religion or belief system, this simple relaxation strategy fits seamlessly into the busiest lifestyle. Pdf edition available HERE at Quirk & Flotsam

Watch for upcoming titles

  • Moonlight and Silver – Special meditations and visualizations to help you find your own inner wisdom.
  • Modern Oracle: Arcana In Balance –  Collection of essays on spiritual balance and the Major Arcana Tarot cards.
  • Modern Oracle: Tarotbytes – Tarot card meanings from a modern perspective
  • Modern Oracle: Primer – learn to develop your intuition, basic cartomancy and how to improve your DIY card readings

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