BOOKS by Ronda



Click HERE to get free .pdf download of “Modern Oracle: Hello”a behind the scenes introduction to the Modern Oracle style of Tarot readings


 Modern Oracle: PeaceTarot is  a Tarot how-to and daily meditation guide to help find a peaceful moment when modern life isn’t. Click to order for KINDLE   or PDF


Reiki Ph.D. Dissertation: Free Download

Reiki and Relaxation in dissertation format. Look for general audience format coming soon. Describes and quantifies the effect of Traditional Usui Reiki on perceived stess levels in a non-medical setting.


Triquetra The Dance of Worlds is a collection of poetry in three parts, “The Outer World” about Nature, “The Inner World” about spirituality and personal growth, and “The Dance of Worlds” about relationships of all types – that place where two worlds meet and begin to dance. Click to order for KINDLE


  • Moonlight and Silver – Special meditations and visualizations to help you find your own inner wisdom.
  • Arcana In Balance –  Collection of essays on spiritual balance and the Major Arcana Tarot cards.
  • Modern Oracle: Tarotbytes – Tarot card meanings from a modern perspective
  • Modern Oracle: Primer – learn to develop your intuition, basic cartomancy and how to improve your DIY card readings

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