Oracle’s Toolkit: A Good Pen – a case in point this. What she says is, in my opinion, true and important. Notice the role a journal notebook played for her as a teen and for many others as well. See the role her emotional healing played in helping her to be a counselor for others? Journaling is a good tool for her, her clients, … Continue reading Oracle’s Toolkit: A Good Pen – a case in point


Arcana in Balance: The World

After all that agonizing over the Judgment card last week, The World card is almost laughably obvious. The irony is that the World card makes my personal biases just as obvious as the¬†Judgment card did.¬†The Smith artwork is once again embued with all the "rapture" and Revealations machinations of early 20th century protestant evangelical Christianity, … Continue reading Arcana in Balance: The World