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How Does Distance Tarot Work?

Where does “psychic” information come from? What does the “sixth sense” actually sense?

The “sixth sense” is one name for the normal, natural intuition that we all posses in to one degree or another. I believe that intuition is simply a sensitivity to the universe at large and the energy that surrounds all of us all the time, no matter where we are. This “energy” goes by many names: Chi, Ki, vital force, spirit, collective unconscious, Esperitus Mundi, the muses, imagination, the cosmos, the universe – heck, call it “THE Force” if you want. As I see it, a Tarot reading is simply a method of interacting with that everything/everywhere one-ness. Physical distance doesn’t matter, because we are all part of the same universal everything whether we are three feet  or three time zones away from each other. Think about gravity. It pulls on us the same whether we are sitting at the same table or we are a world apart. Same for intuition. The impressions that come to mind are from the same source, the same energy no matter if we are in the same room or in different time zones.

The Tarot cards are part of that everything-ness, just as we are. They are a tool, an amplifier of sorts, to help us connect to that larger universe, because the energy universe doesn’t speak plain old English. Interpreting information from the universal energy is a lot like a game of charades or “Pictionary.”  Intuition shows me images, or gives me single words, then I translate that into usable ideas with the help of the Tarot card’s symbolism.

For example, if intuition shows me a flower, I’m going to give you the word “flower” no matter whether I say it, type it, record it, or handwrite it. It makes no difference to the messages given if you hear it right away or read it later. Intuitive perception comes in to me exactly the same way, no matter what format I use to communicate that information back out to you.

In fact, after all these years of journaling, blogging, and writing, a pen or keyboard has become a hotline shortcut to my intuition. Some psychics like to be with a person as a way to help the psychic make a quick and strong connection with their intuition. Most psychics would rather just say the perceptions as they come, and not write or record them at all. The easy way to explain all of that is to say that you have to be with the person to “connect with them” I use pens and keyboards to make that same connection, with frees both of us from appointments, travel, office expenses…you name it. It is easier for me, which gives you a more relaxed, higher vibration, free-flowing reading. When we are face to face, I will write notes and doodles for that exact enhance-the-connection reason. The notes and doodles make a nice record for you, too, but that is another story.

Distance readings have several advantages

  • Private: you decide where to open the email link to your reading (or the envelope for the paper ones). No one sees you going to see a psychic.
  • Convenient: Order 24/7, read at your convenience. No need to wait for an appointment.
  • Cost effective: since there is no travel time, no gasoline used, no location rent, I can charge less than in-person readings
  • Trustworthy: You know your total cost up front. No clock watching, and no overages. No pressure to schedule repeat visits.  Payments are securely processed through Etsy direct checkout. I can’t ask leading questions, or use stage tricks…you KNOW the intuition is genuine, heartfelt and real.

That is part of why I named this website MODERN oracle. My hope is to bring Tarot into the 21st century. We live in a world of busy schedules and online shopping. Distance Tarot gives you ancient wisdom that fits right in with your modern lifestyle. If you would like to try a distance reading, please visit (my etsy shop) and choose your layout and format.

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