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Here, at TaoCraft Tarot I focus on the emotional and spiritual part of a holistic mind-body-spirit balance. Tarot, Reiki, and meditation are all ways (Tao) that we can use to create (Craft) a better quality of life. 

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Please use the form below to  get a FREE Sending Stones Reiki Session (“Buy me a coffee” donations are gratefully accepted)

This isn’t for everyone. You must be the one to decide if it is right for you.

There is a lot of overlap between Tarot and Reiki. Both work with “Universal Life Energy.”  Life energy is the “Ki” part of Reiki, the “Chi” part of Tai Chi, “Prana” in yoga or “vital force” in western medicine. All of them are talking about the same spark. Vital force or life energy is that special something that makes us living beings instead of inanimate objects. Just like Tarot isn’t a miracle of making exact predictions, Reiki isn’t a miracle of medical cures. It can, however, ease stress and help our natural inner life energy be the best it can be.

Some people are going to call this junk science. It isn’t. It was never intended to be “science” of any kind. This is about reducing stress and enhancing the mind-body connection. My Ph.D. dissertation (read it here Reiki Ph.D. Dissertation: Free Download) was about Reiki and Relaxation. It wasn’t a large study, but it was convincing. Reiki can help you relax very quickly in everyday situations. Sending stones distance sessions can help you access distance Reiki with more confidence. That’s all. But that’s enough. When you are feeling anxious or upset, it can be a lot.

To try a session:

  1. Contact me with the form below
  2. Get a matching “receiving stone” (it doesn’t have to match size, color, polish just TYPE) For example if you choose red jasper get a piece of red jasper. I suggest Universal Crystal Love on Etsy. She takes very good care of her crystals, and you will get an energetically clear crystal, ready to receive your Reiki session.
  3. Anytime after your energy has been sent (I’ll email you when it is done) just sit quietly with the stone and let the Reiki energy find you, and let it help you to de-stress. Think cosmic computer helpdesk with a software patch. I upload the frequency of Reiki energy through my sending stone. You download the Reiki through your receiving stone like you would a software update. It is simply “as above, so below” symbolism. A placebo to help you re-tune to the life energy that was there all along.
  4. Please allow me to email a few questions about your session with your receiving stone. I’d like to make this into a book that will help other people work with

There is no wrong choice! All the stones are great! Just pick the one you like best!

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