7 Card Cartomancy

This is a long example, but that is on purpose.  I like to think that the playing-card readings might appeal to people who aren’t comfortable with the Tarot cards for whatever reason – so I repeated a lot of the background and “process” information in case anyone skipped the tarot portions of the website. Otherwise, this reading offers the same depth and detail as the 7 card Tarot reading. 


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Q: I don’t have any questions about life right now, but I’d love to try a reading!

A: Sure thing girlfriend!

How about the 7 card cartomancy, if that is OK…it works just exactly like a Tarot reading, just uses regular playing cards. The face cards take on the role of the major arcana cards,  in a way, carrying the larger energy messages, while the rest work just like the minor arcana cards. I leave the jokers in, since they tend to read like the very first card in the tarot deck, the fool or innocent.
Have you ever had a reading before? Here is the mechanics of how I do my readings. Sorry if this is a little over the top…I hope it is helpful background for your readers if you decide to post it…it will be a good review for any new people to my site too.
Some sources say that is where the game deck came from to start with, while some people are saying both decks came up in europe around the same time…just two different games…kind of like an Uno deck verses a go fish deck sort of thing.
The “spread” itself is a combination of a couple of different traditional ones, but I tweeked it a little to take on a more contemporary attitude…empowering, option-finding, problem-solving stance instead of a trapped, flat-earth predict-the-future outlook.
Each position has a theme or emphasis: Lessons from the past, a look at where you are now, and good first step forward (the old past-present-future) followed by a key lesson or decision, an alternative direction you can take things based on your choices, cautions & things working against you, finally, assets & things working in your favor.
No matter which position in the spread, any card can carry a couple of message ‘types’…advice, validation, or cautions mostly.
So what’s the math with that? seven positions, 52 cards, three possible message-flavors per position…you can see how individualized this can be, and if some significant message gets through, it’s come through a lot of randomness to get there, and that moves it from ‘coincidence’ to ‘synchronicity’ and significance in my mind.
Anyway, your cards today are:
Past…4 of hearts
Now…Queen of Diamonds
Step Forward…Queen of Hearts
Advice / Decision…5 of Diamonds
Alternative … 3 of Spades
Cautions…8 of hearts
Assets…4 of diamonds
General pattern: Lots of hearts and diamonds! I read hearts as close relationships (like tarot cups), diamonds as career (like tarot coins). There are two queens which are the feminine essence of their respective suites. Being face cards, in the two more forward-looking positions, I take that as a hint that you are heading into a time with more energy and dynamics. I get a positive feel…and hear (meaning the intuition comes as words instead of images)…”old frustrations are swept away” with a spring cleaning sort of feel…I see a feather duster, but don’t think it means literal cleaning…more like old habits or mental outlooks are the cobwebs being brushed away. Things are getting more active, but you have pointed things a positive direction.
The 4 is a physical realm kind of card…solid, like the four legs on a table.
The lessons past card is a validation…speaks to the solid, loving supportive environment and energy with your family, with your husband and daughter particularly. There is a feeling of your parents here too a bit. I don’t know why, but is there a hat, light colored or straw hat, somehow associated with your dad? I don’t know why – and this might be totally off base – but I associate a light colored hat, and light colored clothes with an older male figure…someone with a sense of humor. I can almost hear Alton Brown on Good Eats doing that Southern Colonel character he does. I see sunshine, and older cars…like going on a drive just for fun back in the 70s.
I also see red threads in solid amber…and the phrase “winding road”…it feels a little like whatever challenges may have happened in the past (? teenage years) what ever path you have had to take to get here…it is solid now. You are loved and supported now, no matter what may have come before.
Where you are now is the Queen of Diamonds. Here is where sometimes it pays not to know too much in advance. I want to associate her with your photography, and a passing mention of how you would like to do more with that….some feeling of career change or career success here. “Energy” “new path” “opportunity” comes to mind. I also hear “have courage” … all of sudden there is a ‘game of thrones’ sort of feel here…like a call not to be afraid of new career opportunity, change and challenge…be brave, be a leader, be a negotiator…are you familiar with Game of Thrones? If you are, think Catalyn or Arya. Or Marion from Robin Hood. Shrew, courageous, like in a game of chess.
The Step Forward is the Queen of Hearts feels like a heads-up…like a caution, but not in a bad way. It feels like a validation too…if new career things come up, then you will face that challenge that seems to be everywhere … the balance between work and family. The validation part is your nurturing side. It validates and acknowledges your instinct to maybe forego some career energy in order to put family first…and validates that is OK. “Strike the balance that is right for you, not the one expected of you” comes to mind.
The advice / decision card is the 5 of Diamonds. And this is full-on advice. It may be some projection on my part…but it feels like “arm yourself” with information. For example, if you want to do more creative, independent work, make sure you know how to handle the nuts-and-bolts business end of accounting, marketing etc…or conversely if you already know the nuts-and-bolts end, foster techniques that allow creativity to shine in ways that maybe haven’t been allowed before. In other words, fill in any needed skills that you may not have to make the ones you do have even more successful.
Alternatives is literally a little darker…the only black card, which does draw a little attention to it, the 3 of Spades. I read spades like tarot swords…symbolic of relationship with society at large, relationship with authority. The mental image is a net…it feels as though society or family have put expectations on you in the past that are still held as mental habits. What limitations are real, and which are just old habits and ways of seeing the world. Blockages and frustrations might be self-imposed without realizing it. If you ever feel trapped, think is it NOW or is it a ghost-net of old expectations, or old habits.
Assets is the 8 of Hearts…I read that as passion, an infinite abundance of love…symbolic of your love for your family, yes, but also your passion for something that you have held close to the vest, and close to your heart. It may be intimidating to acknowledge such a strong passion and let it loose in the world…but the passion will carry your through too. I see a bubbling liquid…the enthusiasm will bubble through and lift you up when you need it.
The caution is the 4 of diamonds…and that circles back to the need for shrewdness, and cold-hearted business know how…it is a caution to not get so caught up in the bubbling passions that you forget to do the bookwork, you know? It is very much a balance, almost opposite feel to the 8 of hearts…the two together balance each other out, so that the balance is easy, so long as you keep it in mind. Balance, balance, balance…don’t let the glasses get too rosy or too jaded, either one.
Summary: I always wrap up with a “cold reading” to let any messages through that may have to do with the cards or not…
I see jade, green. Usually this is associated with wealth and career. Maybe soon…I wonder if this is a reference to Chinese New Year. I see it as a jade carved pendant…either a fu dog or a dragon…do you know what your Chinese birth year is? This is kind of random….my mind is drawn back to your elemental photos, and your lucky element. “Your lucky element will save you”…sounds dramatic. I have no idea what that could be about…so I’ll leave that with you to figure if it means anything or not.
Now I see red thread or red cord…again a chinese theme, as if the jade pendant is on a red cord
Chinese copper coins…also a good wealth omen in feng shui…the color of temple bells (did you have something like that in you metal picture group?)
Rust and orange fall dry leaves…woods, and a fountain / spring water coming through a horizontal pipe into a clay or wood-looking square or box…is that a photo too? Seems so familiar as if it is a photo from your blog that I’ve seen. I’ll look in a minute to see…if it is I’ll let you know if I find it later.
Does your daughter like blue? For some reason I get a flash of a royal blue shirt or sweater for someone other than you.
Is there a particular gemstone that you like? I get the feeling it might be good for you to wear a particular stone that you’ve felt was lucky before…darker than jade, amythist or maybe tiger’s eye or something smooth, deep colored…?antiqued finished setting? I see it as a necklace.
The summary part is the most work for you…these things might be significant or maybe random nonsense…only you can tell.
And there the energy steps back.

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