My goal is to give Tarot Readings that are clear, kind, calming, honest, and uplifting. I believe Tarot is all about spiritual guidance,  gaining understanding, growing as a person and making better choices. Tarot is about expanding your horizons and creating a better future, not predicting an uncertain one.

If you are ready for this next generation of Tarot, then you are ready for the Modern Oracle. This is Tarot for the Twenty-first Century.

E-mail Readings

  • E-mail readings are my specialty! Get the exact SAME reading you would get in-person with all the extra advantages of e-mail.
  • Always a custom, unique reading just for you by an experienced live reader. Never a computer program.
  • $5 per card – flat rate, no per-minute charges. Know your total cost up front before the reading begins
  • Multiple card layouts – you can choose the number of cards that best fits your budget and your question.
  • Private – comes direct to your inbox, for your eyes only
  • Convenient – no appointment required.
  • Click HERE to order yours now.

Party Tarot

  • Select South Hills (Pittsburgh Pa, USA) locations
  • $75 / hour for large events
  • Pay-per reading “classic card party” options for smaller groups
  • Please click HERE for details. 412-206-9171 or ModernOracleTarot@gmail.com to schedule

In-Person Readings

  • By appointment only, select locations only. 412-206-9171 or ModernOracleTarot@gmail.com to schedule.
  • $40 for one hour (ish) 7 card reading
  • cash in exact change preferred.

Phone Readings

  • By advance appointment only. 412-206-9171 to schedule
  • Pre-payment required – $5 per card
  • Choose from same card layouts as e-mail.


 “entertainment purposes only” (which means I don’t predict the future) Contacting me indicates you agree with the policies HERE

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