YES! email is the SAME as a live reading

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Q: Are e-mail readings really the same?

A: Yes, it’s exactly the same. The intuition, the mental words and images, all come into my mind the same way, no matter how I communicate those impressions out to you. The message is exactly the same whether I say it or write it. For example, if the mental image is a rose, symbolizing love…it doesn’t matter if I say “rose” or type “rose” in an e-mail, the message to you and the symbolism is all the same either way

Q: How can you do a good reading by computer? 

The computer doesn’t have anything to do with the reading process itself. It is just a way to communicate the intuitive message to you. Using a computer to tell you what I “see” and “hear” is no different from using my voice to tell you. Using e-mail is no different than using the phone to give you the reading’s message.

Q: Don’t you have to be with the person to do a good reading?

A: In the same place? No. Connect with? Yes. Let me explain….

There are reasons why they call intuition “extrasensory perception.” It is information we detect mentally, not with our physical senses, that comes from outside of normal time and space. Whatever you call it, that kind of higher knowing isn’t connected to time as we experience it – which is why predictions are essentially meaningless. The information comes from a higher dimension  (or “higher self”) where past, present and future are all kind of one big thing. Intuition is every-when all at once. So it doesn’t make one tiny bit of difference if the reading happens as a real-time conversation or if it unfolds slowly over the course of hours or days with e-mail or downloads.

By the same token, intuition is everywhere, too. Think of gravity. The earth pulls on us nearly the same whether we are 12 inches apart or 12 time zones apart. Gravity works the same all over Earth all at the same time. Intuition is like that. Intuitive readings work exactly the same no matter how far or or close the two people physically are. I’m in the Easter Time zone USA. I’ve done email readings for multiple satisfied clients in Australia, which is as far away as it is possible for readers and clients to be. E-mail Tarot works.

The important part isn’t closeness, the important part is communication. Do you have a book or poem you love, that moves you every time you read it…even if the author died a long time ago? Time and space didn’t stop their ideas from inspiring you. The same is true of Tarot readings. It doesn’t matter if the right message for you comes through spoken word, e-mail, snail mail, or cave wall pictures, the communication is what really matters.


Q: Does e-mail mean a computer does the reading?

A: No! Not on Modern Oracle Tarot!

You can get perfectly good insights from a computer generated reading…BUT remember, you are the one doing the reading, not the computer. You have to take the computer generated images and card meanings and apply them just as if you were using a physical deck of cards to read for yourself.

Order a reading here…you get a real, live, experienced tarot reader – me! For each and every reading, I shuffle the cards, lay them out on the table and do the reading exactly the same way as I would if we were working in person. I have the computer beside me as I do that, and I simply type the words as I would have said them in person. I just talk with my fingers. That is the one and only difference in the process.

If you’d like to learn more, please click on the READING EXAMPLES tab to see samples of all the different card layouts that I have available. They are actual e-mail readings that people have generously allowed me to share with you. If you want to see what an in-person or party reading is like, please visit my NEW YouTube channel for recorded reading examples.

To get a behind the scenes look at the reading process, please below to download

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 “entertainment purposes only” (which means I don’t predict the future & the readings are spiritual guidance and advice). Must be 18 or over to schedule in-person appearances. Contacting me indicates you agree with the policies HERE

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