YES! E-mail = In person

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Q: Are e-mail readings really the same?

A: Yes, it’s exactly the same. The psychic intuition comes from outside of time and space. The words and images come to me the same no matter if I say what I see, or if I type what I see. It comes the same if you are sitting across the table or across the world. If time or distance mattered, it wouldn’t be intuition.

Even the physical mechanics of them are identical. First I shuffle the cards and lay them on the table. In person we look at the cards together and I just say what I see. For email I take a picture of the layout for you and type what I see instead of say it out loud. Same cards, same words, same impressions.

Q: How can you do a good reading by computer? 

A:  I don’t, technically. The computer isn’t part of the reading process at all.

In other words, the reading is DONE exactly the same way as an in person session, I just use the computer to write it to you instead of using my voice to say it to you. I shuffle, draw, layout the cards and read the same either way, no matter whether I’m typing or talking. The e-mail serves as your ears and the keyboard is my voice. Otherwise, the reading process is absolutely identical.

Q: Don’t you have to be with the person to do a good reading?

A: No.

The important part is the connection, not the location. Making the connection can happen lots of ways, mostly just by the two of us setting our intention simply through the process of making and fulfilling the reading order.

Not to sound like a tv show, but everything is connected. Intuition comes from that big everything-ness that is everywhere all the time. Doing a reading builds a bridge between the big everything/everywhere and you. You can be anywhere when that happens because energy is everywhere when that happens. I’ve lived it. I’ve read for clients in Canada, Great Britain, Germany, India, Pakistan, Austrailia, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand. That is about as far away from here in good old Pittsuburgh as you can get.

Intuition is also every-when all at once. Time is all one big connected dimensional thing too. It doesn’t make one tiny bit of difference if the reading happens as a real-time conversation or if it unfolds slowly over the course of hours or days with e-mail or even snail-mail. They say intent is everything in subtle energy work like this. I always approach Tarot with the intention and the trust that the right message will get to the right person in the right way at the right time. It has worked out so far.

Communication overcomes proximity. Is there a classic old song that you like even though it was written or recorded before your were born? Do you have a book or poem you love, that moves you every time you read it…even though the author may have died a long time ago? Time and space didn’t stop their ideas from touching your heart. The same is true of Tarot readings. It doesn’t matter if the right message for you comes through spoken word, e-mail, snail mail, or cave wall pictures, the communication is what really matters. The spirit, message and inspiration are still the same.


If you’d like to learn more, please click on the READING EXAMPLES tab to see samples of all the different card layouts that I have available. They are actual e-mail readings that people have generously allowed me to share with you. If you want to see what an in-person or party reading is like, please visit my NEW YouTube channel for recorded reading examples.

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The Fine Print
Tarot readings are a service to you and ephemeral art . All readings are for entertainment purposes only, provided as-is with no refunds or exchanges. Payment due at time of services, phone and Skype readings require advance payment. Cash and PayPal accepted for in person readings & parties. All E-mail reading purchased through Quirk & Flotsam are subject to the terms and agreements of as stated by them.  Must be age 18 or over to schedule live appearances. Under 18 always get parental permission before ordering online. closed sundays and U.S. holidays. contacting me indicates agreement with the policies listed here

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