• Tarot Readings for individuals via e-mail and in-person
  • Tarot Readings in a party entertainment format
  • All readings are for entertainment and personal enrichment only
  • No medical or pregnancy questions accepted
  • No “third party” questions accepted (reading only covers you, no one else)
  • Readings do not predict the future in any way


  • Basic contact information including but not limited to name, age, phone, email or address is collected and used to provide the services that you have requested. All contact information and the content of readings is kept strictly private. No information is shared except with your consent or in cooperation with legal authorities. For accuracy, contact information is re-collected and updated with each new date of service.
  • Each reading is unique and a form of ephemeral art. A reading’s usefulness decreases as time passes. Completed readings are deleted every 30 days along. No replacement readings after initial delivery.


  • In-person individual $40 (7 cards, 45-60 minutes)
  • “Bring a Friend” discount. Two consecutive readings in the same place: $35 each
  • E-mail, video (through www.quirkandflotsam.com)  $5 per card
  • Party hourly rate: $75/hour
  • Classic/Cozy Card party: $5/card.


  • No personal checks
  • Party host is responsible for $75 minimum for party appearances
  • Cash or Paypal accepted.
  • E-mail/video readings as per Etsy Direct Checkout policies and procedures.


  • I reserve the right to cancel any scheduled reading at my discretion in the case of emergency, illness or inclement weather, with notice given as soon as possible.
  • Closure and cancellation announcements will be placed on the home page of http://www.modernoracletarot.com and Twitter (@modernoracle)
  • I will accept cancellations up to 1 hour of the appointment at no penalty to you.
  • “No Show” appointments subject to a fee of $25.
  • Any inappropriate language or behavior on the part of a client will result in immediate termination of reading / party / future appointment with no refund.

Must be age 18 or older to schedule readings or parties

  •  Age-appropriate readings are available for teens and young party guests with adult permission.
  • Under 18 please obtain parental permission prior to purchasing an e-mail reading.

Copyright Notice 

  • All written material in the books, workshops, and triquetra/snowflake logo copyright Ronda Snow, all rights reserved.
  • Book cover artwork as per front matter attributions, all rights reserved.  
  • Individual blog posts may be freely shared under a attribution, share alike, non-commercial, non-derivative creative commons international license 4.0.  
  • “Mephisto” by Ryan Summers, all rights reserved, used with permission. 
  • “Buddha Doodles” image by Molly Hahn, all rights reserved, used with permission.
  • e-mail readings may include photos by the author of Witches Tarot  by Ellen Dugan and Mark Evans © 2012  Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd. 2143 Wooddale Drive, Woodbury, MN 55125. All rights reserved, used by permission.
  • To the best of my knowledge, all other images are either public domain or are creative commons licensed “free to share and use.” Please direct any concerns about images to modernoracletarot@gmail.com.
Policies reviewed and updated july 2017

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