Relationship Readings

Relationship readings are some of the most sensitive and emotionally charged questions that come to a Tarot session. It isn’t always a romantic interest. The same principles apply to parents, children, siblings….anyone other than yourself.

I treat everyone with the same principles of privacy and respect. You asked for the session – other people did not. You know about the reading and gave your consent for it to happen. They did not. The vast majority of readings will focus on you and you alone.

On some very rare occasions, another person will share their energy with you on a soul or etheric level. If I sense that, I will tell you BUT that gift must be treated very carefully.

Another person sharing their energies with you is a very rare and special gift that must always be REspected and never EXpected.

If that energy gift comes through for you, please treat the experience with great care. They probably don’t know the energy message happened. Don’t go running to your love interest and tell them “but the psychic said….” Give your special person the same love, and respect that they gave to you by sharing an energy impression of themselves. If you talk about your session with them, please do so very gently, respectfully and with much love.


The Fine Print
Tarot readings are a service to you and ephemeral art . All readings are for entertainment purposes only, provided as-is with no refunds or exchanges. Payment due at time of services, phone and Skype readings require advance payment. Cash and PayPal accepted for in person readings & parties. All E-mail reading purchased through Quirk & Flotsam are subject to the terms and agreements of as stated by them.  Must be age 18 or over to schedule live appearances. Under 18 always get parental permission before ordering online. closed sundays and U.S. holidays. contacting me indicates agreement with the policies listed here