Step by Step – What to Expect from a Reading

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  1. Relax and enjoy: First time readings are one of my specialties. Real Tarot is never scary or intimidating. Readings aren’t afraid of taking on difficult or sometimes uncomfortable emotional topics. No matter what comes up, the information is given in a calm, gentle, reassuring way. 
  2. Tell me your Question:  If you have any – a general or open reading is great too! You tell me how many times to shuffle the cards to help connect you & your energy. It also shows that this is ‘real’ and the cards really are meant for you.
  3. General Pattern: We look at the cards as a whole, look for any clues in the pattern of the cards on the table, and look at the ratio of major and minor arcana cards, and any other impressions that seem pertinant.
  4. Card by Card: We look at each individual card, it’s meaning, its position within the layout and how it relates to the overall pattern. We’ll look at the different types or ‘flavors’ of message each card gives: advice, caution, validation, reassurance, etc.
  5. Summary / Cold Reading: This part operates on pure intuition without the cards specifically. I’ll tell you whatever intuitive impressions that come along, if any. It may relate to your question, or it may be more general. This part is where you are very important. It will be up to you to think about and understand the words and images that come to mind.
  6. Feedback: Feel free to add anything, tell me what you think of the reading, or ask any follow-up questions.
  • Readings are seldom what you expect, but usually what you need
  • Some parts may take a while to unfold and make sense….days, weeks or months sometimes. Feel free to take notes or record your reading. This gives e-mail readings extra value…you can revisit the reading as much as you like over time and as things unfold.
  • Readings respect everyone’s privacy. Readings can not tell you what a third person is thinking, feeling or will do. It is very, very rare to get any sense of another person at all. If another person shares gives their permission on a soul-level and shares their energy with you, it is a rare and beautiful gift to you FROM THEM…always to be REspected but never EXpected.

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 “entertainment purposes only” (which means I don’t predict the future & the readings are spiritual guidance and advice). Must be 18 or over to schedule in-person appearances. Contacting me indicates you agree with the policies HERE

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