Which Card Layout Should I Get?


  • One card readings work on both ends of the focus spectrum. One card can give laser focus on a very narrow, specific question or it can give broad guidance and as a thought for the day or a daily meditation. ($5)
  • Three card pathway as the name implies, is perfect for those “am I on the right path” kinds of questions. Shows “lessons from the past”, “understanding NOW” and “Next Step Forward” ($15)
  • Five card Modern Oracle. Small enough to stay focused, but large enough to give detail and look at multiple-part questions, this is a great all-purpose reading. Order this one if you aren’t sure what to get. Has the three Pathway cards plus “pivot point” (choice, advice) and “alternate direction” cards ($25)
  • Seven Card Modern Oracle has all of the cards in the 5 card reading plus “assets” and “challenges”. Wide range plus good depth and detail. Good for whole-life general readings or if you have multiple parts to your question. ($35 e-mail, $40 in-person)
  • Seven Card Mini Cross is based on the classic Celtic cross but is more streamlined. Very archetypal, psychological, conceptual style. Good for broad, general,personal growth, spirituality, and life path questions.
  • Seasons of the Year is perfect for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, weddings…any occasion where you want to look ahead and see where the energies might be flowing. Gives a guidance / overview card for each three-month season of the upcoming year, plus an overall year card ($25)
  • “Zombie Cat” Yes/no reading answers any yes-or-no question with a little insight, a little snark and no pretense at all. “Zombie Cat” keeps it 100 but still has 50% chance of being dead wrong. ($5)

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The Fine Print
Tarot readings are a service to you and ephemeral art . All readings are for entertainment purposes only, provided as-is with no refunds or exchanges. Payment due at time of services, phone and Skype readings require advance payment. Cash and PayPal accepted for in person readings & parties. All E-mail reading purchased through Quirk & Flotsam are subject to the terms and agreements of etsy.com as stated by them.  Must be age 18 or over to schedule live appearances. Under 18 always get parental permission before ordering online. closed sundays and U.S. holidays. contacting me indicates agreement with the policies listed here