Which Card Layout Should I Get?

In-person individual sessions are only available as a 7 card reading for $40. Click here to learn more. Party readings click here for details.



  • One card readings work on both ends of the focus spectrum. One card can give laser focus on a very narrow, specific question or it can give broad guidance and as a thought for the day or a daily meditation. ($5)
  • Three card pathway is perfect for those “am I headed in the right direction” kinds of questions. Shows “lessons from the past”, “understanding NOW” and “Next Step Forward” ($15)
  • Five card Modern Oracle. Small enough to stay focused, but large enough to give detail and look at multiple-part questions, this is a great all-purpose reading. Order this one if you aren’t sure what to get. Has the three Pathway cards plus “pivot point” (choice, advice) and “alternate direction” cards ($25)
  • Seven Card Modern Oracle has all of the cards in the 5 card reading plus “assets” and “challenges”. Wide ranging but with moderate detail. Good for whole-life general readings or if you have multiple parts to your question. ($35 e-mail, $40 in-person)
  • Seasons of the Year is perfect for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, weddings…any occasion where you want to look ahead and see where the energies might be flowing. Gives a guidance / overview card for each three-month season of the upcoming year, plus an overall year card ($25)
  • “Zombie Cat” Yes/no reading answers any yes-or-no question with a little insight, a little snark, some gentle humor and no pretense at all. Please note: all “Zombie Cat” readings have a 50% chance of being dead wrong. ($5)

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 “entertainment purposes only” (which means I don’t predict the future & the readings are spiritual guidance and advice). Must be 18 or over to schedule in-person appearances. Contacting me indicates you agree with the policies HERE