E-MAIL Readings

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Choose from:

  • One Card Snapshot: daily meditation or very focused questions – $5
  • “Zombie Cat” Yes or No: answers one yes or no question – $5
  • 3 Card Pathway – lessons from the past, understanding now, and next step – $15
  • Seasons of the Year: (5 cards) One card for each season of the upcoming year, plus a card for the year as a whole – $25
  • 5 Card Modern Oracle: All the pathway cards plus advice and alternate direction cards. Good all-purpose reading. Not sure which layout to get? Try this one – $25
  • 7 Card Expanded Modern Oracle: All the cards of the Modern Oracle plus assets and challenges – $35 e-mail, $40 individual in-person

Not sure which layout to choose? Click HERE  to learn more.

Click HERE to see examples of actual e-mail readings (used with permission)

Please visit the NEW ModernOracleTarot YouTube channel to see a growing catalog of video reading examples.

All readings are for spiritual expression, personal enrichment and entertainment only. All readings on Quirk&Flotsam are a custom service & made-to-order: no refunds or exchanges. all purchases through etsy.com/shop/quirkandflotsam are subject to all applicable Etsy terms and conditions.