Pittsburgh: Individuals & Party Tarot

Call 412-206-9171 or e-mail ModernOracleTarot@gmail.com to schedule

Individual (in-person) Tarot Readings

  • $40 for 45 – 60 minutes, 7 card session
  • By appointment only
  • In your home (if in service area) or a quiet public place
  • Cash in exact change preferred

Tarot Party Entertainment

Multiple Options to Fit Any Event

  • Hourly rate for large events (10+ people): $75 per hour. Gives one card “meditation” style readings. Estimate 5 minutes per reading, quality individual attention per guest. Estimate 10 readings per hour. I suggest a “reading table” or “fortune teller booth” format where guests come to the table on their own if interested.
  • Classic Card Party: for medium events (5 -10 people) $15 per guest Minimum of 5 guests to schedule. Gives 3 card “Pathway” style readings.  Allow 3 hours for 10 readings. Click here for tips and hints how to throw a successful Tarot Card Party.
  • Cozy Card Party: for small groups (3-5 people) $25 per person. Each person receives 5 card “Modern Oracle” style  card reading. Please allow at least 30 minutes per person. Minimum 3 to schedule.
  • Buddy Session: If two people schedule a reading at the same place, at the same time, get both full 7 Card individual readings at a discount – $35 each
  • Host responsible for difference if minimum number of readings is not met
  • Guest may pay for each reading as it is done. Cash in exact change appreciated

Phone / Skype Video Call Readings

  • By special arrangement only
  • Appointment and pre-payment required
  • contact me as above for details